The Two Books I’m Obsessed With Right Now

So I’m a girl who likes to go to extremes. I have gone from reading very little at all {my brain was just too busy} to reading all the things I can get my hands on. I realised how much I missed reading. I missed it SO much. I’m a more practical reader who likes self-help, or non-fiction type reading books, but I am promising myself to get stuck into some fiction soon.

The clock ticked over to 2018, and I’ve read two books that I loved so much that I’ve had to share with you. You should know that I’m also the kinda person that if I love something, I have to tell all the world. It’s who I am. If I don’t like something, I kinda shut up and keep my dismay to myself {and Hubby} but when I love something I rent and rave to all the people.

This is the first book I love:

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I love this book already. I’ve raved about it, a LOT {so much so that someone asked if I was being paid to write about it. The answer to that is no}. I bought the book, The Barefoot Investor, about six months ago, and like most books I buy, I didn’t read it. Then I talked to my BFF and she told me how it had changed her life, and that she was now debt-free… and I had to get in on it. So I read it in… in two days. It’s so well written {who knew they could make finance funny?}.

I’m only a week or so in, so I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved… but I feel this sense of empowerment that I never could have imagined. Money doesn’t stress me out as much, because I know how it’s all working for me and I know how much we need to survive and get debt-free. I also read in the book how to save money on bills, and in one morning I managed to negotiate 28% off my electricity bill, get a drop of 1.8% on our mortgage interest rate and then 17.5% on our home and car insurance as well.

I’m most excited about helping my mum with the book, who needs this help so that she can feel less stressed about impeding retirement and having enough money for that. I worry about it a lot for her, so I can only imagine the worry she carries.

The next book I loved? This one.

I bought this book for Lulu for Christmas, and forgot about it. I think I just saw that it was awarded some great awards, so I bought it online. We read it Boxing Day, and it was a big of a little game changer for us. In short it tells the story that everyone carries an invisible bucket with them each day. If you do kind things for people, it fills their bucket and yours too. If you do not-so-nice things, it dips into their bucket. It really simplifies how kindness works. My girls are all about buckets now. Best of all, when they do something not nice, I can explain with ease how that effects the person they were unkind to. It’s the sweetest book.

These two books are on my reading pile for up next. I haven’t wanted to tackle them in the school holidays, because yawn… but I will soon.

BUT I want to know what great fiction books you’ve been lost in lately? I’m ready to discover something new and delicious. Please share.

12 thoughts on “The Two Books I’m Obsessed With Right Now”

  1. Loved barefoot… life changing! I listened to the audio book so it was like Scott was just talking to me! My fave read of 2017 was ‘A little life’. Quite breathtaking. I just finished Tracey Spicers book ‘Good girl stripped bare’ which was a great read and ‘The Mummy Bloggers’.. an easy holiday read.

  2. Also love Barefoot! Very good guide to getting us all into a more secure position financially. 🙂

    I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, but a book I love to recommend to people (especially if they need a boost to get back into reading) is ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein. Enjoy!

  3. Hey Chan, can you clarify your interpretation of debt free for me please? Do you mean mortgage free or more credit card/personal loan/ really shitty debt free? Or both? xx

      • That’s awesome. It’s so shockingly calming to feel in control of something you’ve felt out of control with in the past. So reassuring. Huzzah! How great. So excited for 2018 ass-kicking!

  4. I need to read my copy ! And get onto his ideas. Also reading Marian Keyes “The Break”. Anything Marian Keyes is great really. 🙂

  5. I received a copy of ‘The Barefoot Investor’ for Christmas and I absolutely loved it! I’ve joined a couple of facebook groups to keep me on track.

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