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Top 5: Beauty products I don’t want to live without

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I’m in Malaysia at the moment. Kuala Lumpur to be precise. I’ve got that ‘I slept upright in increments of 15 minutes on the plane but I’m too excited to sleep now’ feeling going on. I’m here for work/blogging, so will be sure to share the sights as they happen. If you follow me on Instagram that’s where I’ll mostly be sharing {if you’re not on Instagram then just click this link and you can see my pictures there}.

While I was packing yesterday I thought I’d take a snap of my favourite beauty products. I’m not fancy. My sister is fancy enough for the two of us. Her beauty bag is as big as my suitcase, I’m sure of it. Here are my 5 products I kinda don’t want to live without.

One: Fixaderm Skin Repair
I was sent this product about 6 weeks ago, and I really love it. Before I went to speak at Problogger I had knocked my nose and I had a big scratch on it. Ugly. So I put Fixaderm on it and it fixed it up almost overnight. Like magic. I use it on my hands before bed sometimes and on any scratches. It’s available at health food shops for around $14.95.

Two: Garnier All-in-one BB cream
This is the easiest skin pick-me-up I’ve ever come across. Foundation often makes me feel dirty. I’m fussy. But this just feels like moisturiser to me, but gives my skin a lift and a bit of coverup. BB cream is like a tinted moisturiser and concealor in one, it evens out the skin tones and brightens the skin.

Three: Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream

As an eczema sufferer and a chapped-lip survivor this cream is life-changing. My Ma went to see a dermatologist about something and mentioned the problems I have with my skin, and they recommended this nappy rash cream. It’s the perfect lip balm. Will fix cracked and chapped lips overnight. It’s cheap as chips and available at the pharmacy.

Four: Lanolips Lip Tint
Sometimes lipstick is just too much for my fair face, but a tint is the perfect discovery. This Lanolips tint adds a little subtle colour and also nourishes the lips as well. Winning.

Five: Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair
It’s taken me 32 years, but I’ve found the perfect Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair, and I kinda want to marry it. I have fine hair, but lots of it. Just like I don’t like my face to feel dirty with foundation on it, I also don’t like my hair feeling dirty {yes, I’m a little bit weird}. These Toni & Guy products give a clean feeling and leave my hair with body and shine. I like it. Available at supermarkets.

What are your ‘don’t want to live without’ products? Have you tried any of the above? And have you been to Kuala Lumpur – Is there anything I must do, eat or see?

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  • Julie

    I use Bepanthan for so many things! Cracked heels, new tattoos, knee scraps, burns, scratches, on myself and Jarvis. I always have several tubes on the go.

  • Love a skin repair lotion that doesn’t require my budget to be repaired. I too love a BB cream for the same reason but really fell head over heels when the matte version in light became available. I have fine hair too so may check out that shampoo

    • Oooh! I’ve seen some of the new ranges of the BB cream here. How does the matte version compare to the original? does it give as good a coverage and brightening effect?

  • All the best with your trip and I just wanted to say I love your top 5 beauty
    products. Iā€™m off to buy the Fixaderm as it sounds amazing. Bepanthen is simply
    the best and I have 4 tubes running at one time for different things. My
    daughter suffers with eczema too and she uses it on her lips and anywhere she
    needs it.

  • Steph – Sassmouth Mama

    Have a great time in KL Chantelle!
    Your list looks really good, I must try the BB cream. My list would include Lucas’ Papaw Ointment for mozzie bites and dry lips and Trilogy Everything balm as a back-up chapstick, heavy-duty overnight facial moisturiser, airplane hand cream, split ends smoother and stretch mark cream.

  • I’m so gonna try the BB cream. I too hate the (caked on) feeling that I get when using foundation, hopefully they have it here on Guam. šŸ˜‰

  • I use that exact BB creme! I also don’t like foundation. In fact I used a Clinique mineral powder foundation for a while and it was quite good, but when this BB creme came out I tried it straight away and haven’t used anything else since. Most days I’ll use nothing else except a bit of lip balm topped up regularly during the day! I’m thankful I don’t have the pressure of working with people who don’t leave the house with even a stray hair in sight, because I don’t even use extra concealer if I have a breakout a I’ve had recently. It just feels so cloggy! Ahhhh make up, I’ll stop here with my rambling shall I? šŸ˜‰

    • I’ve tried looking for the matte version in the UK but haven’t seen it yet, despite the new sensitive and other such lines. Hopefully I’ll find it soon as I’m really curious to try it šŸ™‚

  • Tiia

    I could never live without my Labello / Nivea Hydro Care chopstick! I have several around the house, and always at least one with me where ever I go. Another absolute favourite is Erioil moisturizing emulsion, it’s so much lighter than any cream, doesn’t leave sticky hands and still moisturizes my dry hands as well as a cream would. I also use a lot of Lumene make up and skin care products, they’re Finn made so they’re perfect for my sensitive Finnish skin. The Hydra Drops moisturizing foundation is very light, and the Sensitive Touch creams are perfect for my face, especially during the cold and harsh winter times. Goldwell’s Winter Care shampoo is a dream come true, it helps tame frizzy hair when it’s +5C to -25C outside and it smells like Christmas (without giving me a migraine) šŸ™‚ I’m picky about my products, but I always try to find an affordable option. My mascara is the only expensive brand I use (Dior), and that I always buy from duty free when traveling – never would I pay the normal street price, even for that!

  • Emm

    I am really fussy about using natural products, especially on my children. Moo Goo products are the best for I’ve ever used for eczema, all natural, edible even? As a family we use daily the MSM skin smoothing cream, eczema and psoaris cream, acne cleansing cream, and milk wash. I’m totally with you on the lanolip tints, they are SPF rated too!

  • I have shocking lips… shocking!!! And I use Bepanthan for my bubbas…never thought about trying ti for me! and I am forever losing my litlte lip balms….Going to try it!

  • I love getting shoes and clothes in KL and pewter. I love selangor pewter photo frames! my parents lived there when I was at uni and I loved spending my holidays there – shopping and eating! the best things to do there:)

  • I use the bb cream but the new one oily free, I also use bio oil on all my body, white glo toothpaste the smokers one (I don’t smoke) as it makes your teeth white quite fast as I am obsessed with having white teeth, lucas pawpaw ointment lips, bums, scrapes.

  • marieke vd berg

    oh yes kuala lumpur so great. you have see the kl tower and afterwards walk down the hill.
    i can’t live without floss wire

  • helen

    I will have to try the Toni & Guy products for my little girl – she has a mass of fine hair with curls at the ends – ringlets sometimes. Finding the right product for her is hard (for me at least)!

    I love Estee Lauder Mascara, Naturals Paw Paw Ointment (mainly for lips), and use a variety of products in between. Oh, I also love Murchison Hume cleaning products / hand soap as it does less damage to my hands!

  • Well, sometimes “the girls” get really dry – cracked even. And I was told to try Udder Cream (at the farm stores – yes, it’s for a cow’s udder) – but wow, that stuff was sooooo awesome, All natural and softened up the girls so great, I don’t go any summer without a jar of my Udder Cream!!!
    Also, I have to be honest, I do not let a night go by without my ProActive. It’s been the only thing ever to work for my adult acne (oh, yah, I had perfect skin – until I turned 21!!)
    And I’m now going on 45 years – and still looking for the perfect Shampoo & Conditioner… I have fine hair, but almost none of it (very, very thin) – and I’ve tried almost everything – anyone out there got any suggestions???

  • I’ve always wanted to try BB cream but somehow did not. After reading your opinion I’ll def try! What I can’t live without is tons of different hair conditioners, especially live-ins…

  • yep BB cream my new found companion… i’m using maybelline šŸ˜‰

  • I’m obsessed with Lanolips, too!

  • samstone76

    I have been wondering about BB cream. I will have to check it out now.
    Have a nice time away.

  • Supermom (in training)

    Hi Chantelle – Just joined in your Photo-a-Day Challenge and surprised to see that you’re in KL!

    I’m a Malaysian and here are a few things you could do in KL city:
    1. Go to KLCC and take a shot of the Petronas Twin Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world. You can enjoy shopping and wining down to a cup of coffee there too šŸ™‚
    2. Go to Batu Caves or Little India – Yesterday, we celebrated Diwali, a Hindu festival also known as The Festival of Lights. Lots of colours, lots of textures, lots of sweets.
    3. If arts and crafts are your thing, head on to Central Market.
    4. KL Bird Park – Great place for kids to get close of nature and a bit of green (I hear as I’ve not been there with my kids yet).

    Hope you’ll have fun šŸ™‚

  • the annoyed thyroid

    Great tips. I can’t wait to try that BB cream and the Fixaderm sounds just the ticket. There’s a first time for everything! Hope you’re having a top time in KL!

  • I use the BB cream, think it is awesome…am going to try the matte one as I find that the original can make my face a tad shiny.