‘Tis the season to play photo a day: Check out the December challenge list

December photo a day

Hello you! Is it beginning to feel a lot like… this year has sped by at great speed? Yes indeedy. December is my favourite month to play photo a day. Yes, it’s busy… But there is something magical about this time of year, and everything is just so photo-friendly. Don’t you think?

So join me, and let’s end this year with a bang {or a click and a flash!}

How to play FMS Photo A Day

How to play!

Playing along with photo a day is super easy:
Check out the December photo a day list.
Each day look at the daily prompt and take a photo according to whatever the prompt is. For example for day 1 the prompt is ‘red’ so go ahead and find something red to take a photo of. At this time of year there’s a lot of red around, so it should be easy peasy.
Once you’ve taken the photo it’s time to share it. There are loads of places you can share it. See below for more details.
Check out other people’s photos. You can browse through them on my Facebook page, in the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group. Or on Instagram or Twitter just search for the #FMSphotoaday hashtag to see them all.

Where to play?

There are loads of places to be social and share your photos with the #FMSphotoaday community:

Instagram: Just upload your photo, use a fancy filter, add a caption and the hashtag #FMSphotoaday and then share.
Facebook: There are a few options here. You can simply share on your own personal page, among your own friends. Or you can upload to my page’s wall, or I’ve created a Facebook group for 2013. You can join it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FMSphotoaday/ Now that Facebook has hashtags, simply add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday when you share your photos and you’ll be able to see which of your friends are playing along too. It’s cool!
Blog: If you have a blog, you could share each day or do a wrap up of all the photos at the end of the month.
Tumblr: Add your daily photos to your Tumblr feed.
Flickr: You can get their app and share your photos there, or upload on their web version. We also have a photo a day group here.
Twitter: You can share on Twitter by uploading the photo and sharing the hashtag #FMSphotoaday. Easy.

How do I remember the prompts?

There are a few ways you can grab the list or remember the prompts:
Come back here each day and click the button on the right-hand side to check out the list.
Right-click on the list above and save it to your desktop. Or if you’re on your phone you could take a screenshot and save it as your wallpaper. {To screenshot click the power button and home button at the same time}.
The lovely Doug has created prompts for us that we can download straight into our calendar, so we can get daily reminders. They’re not ready just yet but come back and click these links in a few days.

To subscribe on iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac:

To view on the web:

What do the prompts mean?

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:

1. Red: Find something red, snap it and share it. This is also our charity prompt for the month.
2. Where I stood: Where ever you are, we want to see it.
3. Silver: Just like there’s a lot of red around, perhaps you’re seeing more silver too. Snap and share it.
4. Tiny: Take a photo of something tiny, or perhaps go back to our perspective technique and make something LOOK tiny.
5. In the cupboard: Perhaps you’ve hidden presents in the cupboard or want to show off your pantry. Any cupboard will do. Be creative. How can you make something so ordinary look more interesting?
6. Shadow: Take a photo of a shadow.
7. 6 o’clock: 6am or 6pm, take a photo of whatever you’re doing at that time.
8. I shop here: Whether you’re buying gifts, or groceries – share where you shop.
9. This is the weather today: What a fun way to see how the weather differs around the world. How’s the weather where you are today?
10. R is for…: Find something starting with R and share it.
11. Green: Find something green today and share a photo of it.
12. Joy is…: What creates joy in your life? Share it.
13. Composition: This is our photography technique post. Stay tuned for a post with details on how to achieve it!
14. Drink: This time of year is all about eating, drinking and being merry, right? Share a drink photo.
15. Lights: Share a photo of some lights.
16. Makes you feel merry: What makes you feel happy? We want to see it.
17. Tree: Whether it’s a Christmas tree, or a part of nature – we’d love to see your tree today.
18. Big: Earlier in the month we shot tiny, now find something BIG to capture in a photo.
19. ‘Tis the season to…: Dance? Eat? Give? Love? Laugh? What do you think?
20. I’m listening to…: What can you hear right now?
21. On the door: Take a photo of something on a door.
22. Sparkly: Twinkle, twinkle… can you show sparkly in a photo?
23. Tradition: Show a tradition, whether it’s new or old, part of what your family does or something else.
24. Wrapped: Take a photo of something wrapped. It could be a burrito or a gift {or something else}. Easy!
25. Best bit of your day: Merry Christmas to you {if that’s how you celebrate!}. Show me the best bit of your day today.
26. Where you slept: At this time of year lots of people travel or stay with family, so I thought it would be cool to see where everyone slept last night.
27. What you’re doing now: What are you doing today? Or even right now? Share it.
28. Something awesome: Share something completely awesome.
29. Refect: Best bit of 2013: When you look back at the year gone by, what’s one of the best bits that happened? How can you share that in a photo?
30. You: Let’s see one of your last selfies for 2013! Go on.
31. Celebrate: Hopefully you’re celebrating the end of a fab year and bringing in a new one. Show us how you’re celebrating.

Our charity prompt this month is RED for World Aids Day. You can read more about it here.


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