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The quilts

Fat Mum Slim /

Three months ago I had an idea. I wanted to put all my girls clothes into a quilt, so that I could remember all those moments forever. I wasn’t sure if it was doable. I wrote a post about it.

I’m a kinda emotional person when it comes to memories. A little bit weird, perhaps. But it’s who I am. I’m not sure that I’m done with having kids, but I’m 90% sure I am. Hubby tells me we are 100% done. I think he could possibly be swayed. I don’t know.

When I wrote that post about ‘the idea’ of a quilt, I had no idea that it would set the wheels in motion for it to happen. A message came into my inbox from a friend Megsy, who happens to quilt. She said she could do it for me.

For real.

I bundled up all the girls clothes, and it was an emotional time for me, but I was also a little bit excited. I sent anything that was special, including everyday clothes. Sending them was hard. Trusting that the postal system wouldn’t lose my beautiful baby clothes was EPIC. They arrived safely and Megsy went on her quilting way. I just picked the backing fabric, and that was it.

A few weeks later she messaged me with a photo update. I lost it. I ugly cried on the spot. I loved it.

And then they arrived at my house, and more tears. I love them so much. I have one for Lacey and one for Luella. They’re made up of all their cute things. Each square on the quilts brings back different memories for me. It’s LOVE.

Lulu isn’t in a big bed yet, so hers is being tucked away until she has a bed to sleep in, but she’s already lay on it, looked at it and loved it too.

I know there are a few people that create these memory quilts. Before Megsy offered, I found a few on Etsy. This is one that I really loved. Also, Megsy has kinda been forced into a business… with so many people wanting her to make them as well. You can message her on Facebook and see what her costs are.

Are you sentimental sod too? Or tough as nails?