The Best Diaries for 2020

Look, I’m going to sound like I’m positively ANCIENT when I say this, but I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT WE’RE ABOUT TO START 2020! I can’t. I mean, I’m 40 next year and I’m absolutely not ready. I’m going to dig in my heels and stay in 2019, if you don’t mind.

Now, for the regulars around here, you’ll know that each year I do a little round up of my favourite diaries for the next year ahead. I check them out, suss out the good ones, knock back the ‘bad’ ones and I end up with a list of well-rounded good ones. And THIS is the list. Here are the best diaries for 2020. Enjoy!

MiGOALS Goal Digger : $44.95

Got goals? This diary has a spot for you to map them out, strategise and then best of all, make them happen. I’m really impressed with this one, because it has room for you to get EVERYTHING out of your head, including working out your core values {what matters most to you, you’ll be surprised how important this is to shaping your goals and plans, and dreams too!}, finding your purpose, working out your toolkit for success, and also reflecting on your lesson and learnings from 2019. That really is just scratching the surface, but as soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to grab my favourite pen and dive into this one. You can shop it here.

Control Freak Quarterly Business Diary : $44.95

Business owners, gather round… this one is for you. You’ve probably got notes scribbled everywhere, in your phone and on your desk, and the some on your fridge too. This is the place where you can put EVERYTHING down in the one place; from social media planning, tracking your water consumption {how bad are we at doing that, STILL!?}, to do lists, and self-care too. This one is PERFECT for people like me who own a little business and want to get everything out of their heads {because sleep would be nice, right?} and into the one place. You can shop it here.

Collins Debden Metropolitan Sydney : $52.99

If you’re a traditionalist who likes a little bit of the classics with a whole lot of quality, then this one if probably for you. This one is small enough {B6} to fit into your handbag without weighing it all the way down, which means that you’ll actually use it. It’s made with bonded leather and has that silky smooth paper that we’ve come to expect from Collins Debden. You can shop it here.

OTi Organiser : $39.99

Hey juggler!

Yes, you. You’re juggling mum life, work life, life life and then some meal planning and laundry in between it all. This is YOUR diary. There’s room to set goals {personal, family, home, health, money and whatever else!}, meal plan, monthly plan, to-do and then some more! You can shop it here.

Chasing Planner Peace : $99.90

You want something that is going to hang around with you for more than a year, this is it. It’s refillable, and lush, and customisable and so… you. You can customise it to you, whether you’re pregnant and planning life for the months ahead, or a business owner, or studying or whatever stage of life you’re in, you can make the diary to suit you. You can shop it here.

The Master Plan: $19.50

You’ve got a house full of people, and you’re constantly playing taxi to everyone… and this is the diary for you. You’ll be able to create sections for each of the people in your life, and mark out what’s on for who and whenever that is. It’s called the Master Plan, because it’s the diary that your family’s life will revolve around. You can shop it here.

Time Creator : $64.95

If you’re planning on a beautiful year of self-care and gently getting sh*t done without stressing yourself out, this is the diary for you. The Time Creator is called just that because it helps you find the time that you thought you didn’t have. Tash, the creator of the diary, is brilliant and creative and every year I fall more in love with this diary. You can shop it here.

Ronnie & Co Diary : $49.95

I heard so many people RAVE about this diary that I had to check it out, and check it out I did. It’s clean, and beautiful, simple in design without missing out on all the important things. I’m impressed too. It’s great if you like to be able to map out your day, down to the hour, and also like to breakdown your goals and how you’re going to stylishly SMASH them. You can shop it here.

Which diary are you using for 2020? Tell me all about it!