January 2020 Photo A Day Challenge!

Happy {almost} New Year!

A New Year means fresh starts, and I love that. It allows me to think about what I want this new year ahead to look like for me, and how I can make it a little better. For many, including me, that means doing something a little more creative each day… and that’s where photo a day comes in!

It’s a great way to inject a tiny bit of creativity into your day, by simply taking a daily photo and sharing it. And then, that creativity also acts as a little act of gratitude {stopping to look around you each day is great for mental health and happiness} and then also a way to connect with other people in the community.

Everything you need to know is right here, but pop into the comments if you have questions and I can help!


+ Playing along could not be easier! I promise. Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. So, for example, Day 1 is HAPPY, so all you have to do is take a photo of something that makes you happy, or that represents happiness.
+ You can then share your photo on either Facebook or Instagram or both! To share on Instagram, just upload with the hashtag #FMSPAD and you’re done {more details below if you need them though!} and to share on Facebook, upload to your personal page or jump into our Facebook group and share there.


+ Simply upload the photo to Instagram, add a caption {you could mention the day and the prompt in the caption}, add the hashtag #FMSPAD and then publish.
+ Check out the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the other photos. Like them. Comment on them. Be part of the community.
+ Each day a Fab Four is picked from the photos shared on Instagram for the challenge. It’s four photos that have captured our attention from each prompt. Check the feed here to see the photos.
+ To make it easier to find all the daily photos, you can find and use the daily hashtags below. Simply add them to your caption when uploading to Instagram. 


+ Upload the photo in our Facebook Photo A Day group {you’ll be added within 12 hours of requesting}, add a caption {you could mention the day and the prompt in the caption} and then publish. You’re also welcome to share on your personal page, if that’s how you like to roll.
+ Check out the photos shared in the group, or among your friends. Comment, like and be part of the photo-taking community.
+ Each day a Fab Four is picked from the photos shared in our Facebook group for the challenge by our lovely admin team. It’s four {or more} photos that have captured our attention from each prompt. The photos are made into a collage, shared and pinned to the top of the group.


+ For all devices and PC, we upload the prompts which you can download automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.
+ You can also print out the list, save it as your screensaver or save it to your camera roll.

If you want a little more help understanding each prompt, check out the list below:

1. Happy
Happy New Year! Take a photo of something that shows ‘happy’.

2. Black and white
Take a photo of something that is black and white, or use a black and white filter to turn it into a black and white photo!

3. This year I’ll…
What do you plan to do this year? Swim in the ocean? Try new things? Slow down? Move more? Dance often? Share in a photo.

4. Get in the photo!
Yep, GET IN THE PHOTO! Take a photo with YOU in it.

5. Confetti
It’s a little bit messy, but fun! Get out the confetti and play!

6. Outside
Take a look outside. For us in Australia, it’s a Summer outside. What does outside look like for you?

7. I enjoy…
What do you enjoy doing? Show us in a photo!

8. Cheesy
You could take a photo of a cheesy sandwich or pizza, a cheesy smile or maybe share a cheesy joke!

9. Paper
There’s so many options. Maybe you’ll take a photo of the newspaper headline today. Or make a paper airplane. Or a card. Or something else paper-y.

10. Eye candy
The definition for Eye Candy is: visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.

11. Yum!
Yum yum! Take a photo of something delicious!

12. In the air
Kite. Balloon. Bird. Plane. Ball. Clouds. Sun. Rainbow. Take a photo of something up in the air.

13. Water
Nice to drink, even better to swim in. Take a photo of water!

14. A Slice
Pizza. Pie. Cake. Take a photo!

15. My shadow
Take a photo of your shadow today!

16. I am here
Where in the world are you? Share it in a photo.

17. Green on pink
Green and pink are a beautiful colour combo. Check out #greenonpink for inspiration! Green leaves on pink walls are my favourite thing!

18. Mirror
Take a photo of a mirror. Extra points if you get your beautiful face in it!

19. Ice cream
You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream. Take a photo!

20. A wall
There are so many walls, which will you choose to take a photo of?

21. I am…
Tell us about you. You are… I am… Share!

22. Cold
What’s cold around you right now? Take a photo.

23. Beauty
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so show us what beauty is to you.

24. Treat yo self
If ever you needed an excuse to treat yourself, this is it! TREAT YO’SELF!

25. In my town
What’s iconic about your town? Share it in a photo.

26. Bright
Bright and beautiful, share it in a photo!

27. I miss…
What or who do you miss? Share it in a photo.

28. Warm
Cosy, warm, cuddly! Show a photo of something warm!

29. Rainbow
Imagine if there is a rainbow in the sky today. Magic. If not, you can make a rainbow reflection onto the wall, or a person, by using your phone torch and a CD/DVD. Play around!

30. Trio
A trio is three things! Show us a trio!

31. Cheers!
Cheers can mean ‘thank you’ or it can be something you say when you have a drink! Cheers!

Have a great month and we’ll see you around! x