16 thoughts on “Supermarket Tales”

  1. Bahaha! Have I told you that story about when we get on a plane? It was on honeymoon and hubby was in front of me. The flight attendant directed him to his seat and as she saw we had the same name and were sitting next to each other, she said to me, “just follow your dad!” In his defence, I was wearing pigtails at the time but even so, he hasn’t quite lived it down!

  2. Oh poor Shane. I had it in reverse. Hubby came into work to help me carry some stuff to the classroom and the kids thought hubby was my son!! Way to boost my self esteem.

  3. I took my younger sister to get her ID on her 18th Birthday. The man behind the counter asked her to go and get her Mum (meaning me) as he needed my id to process her application. I kindly informed him to check my age on my license as to have an 18 year old daughter I would have had her at age 7

  4. My 17yo son plays guitar and I sing in our church band… a visitor thought we were siblings!!!! I’m 46, have nice grey streaks through my (dyed) reddish brown hair, and enough age appropriate wrinkles to boot… it was kinda nice until another of my kids suggested that the visitors had probably forgotten their glasses…

  5. Ha! I love this and totally get it! My husband and I are 14 years apart. He belts out songs and names singers/bands and I’m over here all like *crickets chirping*! ??

  6. Hahaha – trust me, it’s better that way around!!! When I’m with my dad and people think he’s my creepy old husband who went to Asia for a young bride (I’m adopted so he’s white), I want to go home and have a shower – gross!

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