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Brought to you by My Little Pony.

I went to pick Lulu up from preschool the other week and the teacher pulled me aside to tell me something. Straight away I started to worry. Had she not shared well? Was she mean to someone {not like her, but possible}? Was something wrong?

“I just wanted to tell you that Lulu is like sunshine,” the teacher started, “She’s everyone’s friend, and just makes me smile. She’s so kind and friendly. Everyone loves her.”

A smile grew across my face. Isn’t that the best feedback ever? The parents at school say similar things too. I’ve had a handful come up to me and tell me that their child is best friends with Lulu, and I wonder how she gathers so many friends, and how adored by them she is. I get it though. She is joy. She effortlessly makes friends wherever she goes, and is just a kind little soul. She is sunshine. Plain and simple.

She’s happiest pottering around with her toys creating little make-believe worlds, and playing with her little cousin. Six weeks before Lulu was born, her cousin came into the world. I imagined they’d be fond of each other, but I could have predicted the beautiful little friendship they’d have. They’ve been close friends since they were months old. They both started walking at nine months, and looked for each other way before then. I can’t wait to see how they grow together, and keep each other company {I can just imagine them in their teens already – I don’t know if I’m scared or excited!}.

The only thing that gets in their way is when they fight over Fluttershy, the My Little Pony. They’ve both deemed her the BEST pony, and if there’s only one… well there’s trouble. I’ve had to referee a few of those battles.

The thing I want most for my girls, is for them to feel loved, and to love in return. Whether that be within us as a family, or with friends they make in life. My Little Pony is all about the magic of friendships, which I loved exploring with my girls through play and the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV series. For the first time ever the Ponies will grace the big screen in My Little Pony: The Movie is in cinemas across Australia on November 2nd. To celebrate, the My Little Pony team will be hosting a Pink Carpet Premiere event with celebrities, fun activities, and a screening of the movie. I’m heading down to Sydney to watch it with my family, and we can’t wait. Keep an eye out on my socials for photos. I know it’s going to be exciting, especially for Lulu!







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  • Bec H

    That isn’t so beautiful! I love that she called her Sunshine ??
    My son’s first report card commenced with “Xavier is a friend to everyone…” I read that and said to my husband our work here is done. What more could we ask for?

  • Belinda Docwra

    She is just bloody divine.