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Moist Thermomix Banana Cake Recipe

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Moist Thermomix Banana Cake Recipe

Hello. I’ve made cake. Want to come in, and I’ll put the kettle on and we’ll have a slice of cake together. Not just any cake though, Moist {ugh I hate that word!} Thermomix Banana Cake. Green tea for you?

I might talk your ear off for a moment. Do you know it’s the Year of the Monkey? It is. I was excited because I was born in the year of the monkey, so I thought it would be my year. You know? I’d be lucky and stuff. So I started reading up on it, and it’s not quite the case. I’m going to struggle this year, apparently.

Awesome {note the sarcasm}.

I’ve already struggled a bit. You might not have noticed here, but I have. I’ve had some gallstones stuff going on, and then during another blood test some other things came up… and my doctor mentioned the ‘C’ word. I freaked. I spent a weekend crying. Hubby worked, and I would find little child-free spots in the house to lose my shit without them seeing. And then I’d turn around and the kids would be there, and asking, “Why you crying Mum?”

So much went through my head. It was a big reality check for what’s important in life, and what doesn’t matter at all. It was the longest two weeks of my life, and thankfully after seeing a specialist… I’m fine. I just need an iron infusion and I’ll start feeling better. This year I’ve been making my health a priority, and this is just going to continue. I am grateful for my health, for my life and for all that I have.

Moist Thermomix Banana Cake Recipe

Back to the cake though. Do you want another slice?

It’s done in the Thermomix, which means there are no lumpy, bumpy banana bits. That’s a good thing. It’s moist and light, and the addition of the cream cheese frosting takes it to a whole other level. I found this recipe over on the community website.


3 ripe bananas, peeled
1 tsp vanilla extract
150g caster sugar
150g butter, room temperature
2 eggs
240g self-raising flour {I used wholemeal}
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
30g milk

♥ Preheat oven to 160ºC. Line a round cake tin with baking paper.
♥ Place bananas and vanilla extract into the Thermomix bowl, and mix for 5 seconds on Speed 4. Set aside.
♥ Without cleaning the bowl, add the butter an sugar and mix for 10 seconds on Speed 5.
♥ Add the eggs, and combine on Speed 5 for 10 seconds.
♥ Add the banana mixture and mix for 5 Seconds on Speed 5.
♥ Add the flour, bicarb soda and milk. Combine for 15 seconds on Speed 4.
♥ Pour the mixture into the prepared tins, and bake for one hour. If the mixture still looks wet, you can lower the temperature to 140ºC and cook until cooked through. Mine only needed an hour though.

I use this recipe for my cream cheese frosting.

Moist Thermomix Banana Cake Recipe

So now that we’re eating cake and drinking tea, tell me… what’s happening with you? What do you want to chat about today?