March: The month that was, according to my iPhone

I mean to do this every month, reflect on the month just gone by… but somehow it whizzes by faster than I can manage to keep up. But today, I grasped it, and here it is. The month of March, according to my iPhone.

 photo IMG_8455_zpsaf99f490.jpg
1. L is for…
Lunch. Sometimes when Lacey is at preschool, Hubby and I like to sneak out for a cheap $10 lunch. It’s the upside of having one that works shift-work and me working from home.

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2. I made this!
My chocolate coconut cake. You’ll want to make it. Recipe here.

 photo IMG_8477_zps54ee3891.jpg
3. Key
This is one of those cheap toys that you get for free with those expensive kid magazines. Well, expensive for what they are. And yes, I’m a sucker for buying them.

 photo IMG_8505_zps1ec2b057.jpg
4. Lucky
I can’t even begin to explain how much rain we’ve had this year so far. I don’t know if it’s normal, but it rained so much. This day we had sun and it felt… lucky.

 photo IMG_8515_zps5d2f6e12.jpg
5. Under
And because of that rain the umbrella is kinda necessary.

 photo IMG_8544_zps75434eaa.jpg
6. Chair
These are from my favourite place on the coast, QT. So stylish that I want to live there. Forever.

 photo IMG_8546_zps32d72da2.jpg
7. Fear
I kinda fear anything with wings. You don’t want to see me when one of these things pops up unexpectedly. It’s not pretty.

 photo IMG_8550_zpsdebb3db0.jpg
8. Favourite
When Hubby is on night shift, Lacey and I will cuddle up and do as we please. Sometimes it’s movies, or music – but always cuddled up in bed early.

 photo IMG_8581_zps84cf6e93.jpg
9. Faceless self-portrait
You’ll be happy to know that I had my roots done last week. Bad hair!

 photo IMG_8728_zpsd38840cc.jpg
10. I want…
{15 minutes or so of calm}. Doesn’t everyone?

 photo IMG_8733_zps199ab34c.jpg
11. Important
Lacey wants to be an ambulance ‘girl’ when she’s older. It’s a pretty important job.

 photo IMG_8738_zps96bb0368.jpg
12. In the distance
We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world. Rainbows appear to be right on our doorstep.

 photo IMG_8747_zps500835d0.jpg
13. Sound
I know people often forget they’re pregnant after the first baby, but I’m so aware of this little person. Hearing that little heartbeat on this day was magic. I never get sick of it.

 photo IMG_8768_zpsb86cbf60.jpg
14. Tasty
We were on the cruise this day and we had a little cookies and cream cheesecake. It was delectable {even though it doesn’t look it!}

 photo IMG_8769_zps207032b7.jpg
15. Explore
The cruise was perfect for Lacey because it was all pretty much safe for her to explore. She loved it.

 photo IMG_8805_zpsc3135879.jpg
16. 9 o’clock
This was such a big day. Our ship docked at Moreton Island, we fed dolphins and then headed back in to see the end of the circus show. Awesome.

 photo IMG_8812_zps14a6c8e4.jpg
17. Green
The faux grass on the ship.

 photo IMG_8867_zps10ba2f02.jpg
18. Shoes
Back home again, and into the rainy weather {!} it was time to break out the gumboots.

 photo IMG_8870_zps584c42a4.jpg
19. A sign
This sign is in my living/dining room. Most people think it’s temporary {because of the tape} but I think they don’t realise just how cool fluro pink washi tape is!

 photo IMG_8872_zps9b6634c4.jpg
20. Clean
Sometimes you just have to pile up some things and clear the surfaces and the house is clean {or so it seems!}.

 photo IMG_8880_zpsf04bd429.jpg
21. Working
Sometimes I get some pretty cool things in the mail {less now than when I lived in the City}. This day I got a beautiful bouquet of goodies for the baby and a bus made of chocolate {which I can proudly say is pretty much still in tact in the fridge}.

 photo IMG_8882_zps1fd3a8d2.jpg
22. About me
{I am: female // 32 // married // a mama // with one on the way // happy // a blogger // a freelance writer // keen photo-taker // a dreamer // hopeful thinker // cake enthusiast // disgruntled maker of beds // trashy TV watcher}

 photo IMG_9043_zps3dd49fd2.jpg
23. What I do for fun
I love heading out and exploring. On this day we went to a nearby coastal town, visited the markets, tried some new food and hung by the pool at my Ma’s new place.

 photo IMG_9049_zpsf457c90e.jpg
24. Up
I love to look up. This is through a tree in my yard.

 photo IMG_9058_zps88c092d5.jpg
25. In your drawer
I keep cheap jewelry in my bedside table. Don’t try and rob me. It’s not worth it.

 photo IMG_9061_zpscd941ad2.jpg
26. Something you did
I bought Lacey this sweet little dress for her birthday party.

 photo IMG_9068_zps0dd95d26.jpg
27. Pair
On another one of our cheap lunch dates. I’m craving real sushi {sashimi? Yes, please!}. But I settle for tempura and hot goodies instead.

 photo IMG_9082_zpsa51e424e.jpg
28. In the mirror
On our way down the coast.

 photo IMG_9103_zpsb61bf61c.jpg
29. Goodnight
I need to get a wind-down routine that includes books, not TV. Working on it. {Must buy a lamp first!}.

 photo IMG_9125_zps46ad5f60.jpg
30. Relax
I never thought these words would come from my mouth {or typed from my fingers} but I actually like to garden. It was something I vowed I’d never enjoy. So far I’m only into weeding and I’m sure it will get old, but it’s a start.

 photo IMG_9129_zps681ca61e.jpg
31. Stuff
Stuffed. Poor little Lindt bunny. {And oh boy, this made me feel sick for a whole day}.

How was your March? What was the best and worst of the past month for you?

7 thoughts on “March: The month that was, according to my iPhone”

  1. Very cool recap! I just started making my ‘Photo a Day’ monthly collages and have put them in a separate album for the same purpose, to look back and reflect. My family and friends understand how much I enjoy participating and I’m aiming to get this whole year done , collaged and printed into a book. A new focus!…….fingers crossed!

  2. You made all these with your iPhone? That’s amazing, great quality! If I try that with my phone (samung ace), the results are horrible.
    I always put all of the pictures in one folder and at the end of the month, I make a collage out of them 🙂

  3. I love this! Great post! It’s nice to have a little peek into another person’s life through a picture a day.

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