Make it from scratch: Fresh tomato sauce recipe

I like to have a fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables, but my personal grocery shopper {aka Hubby} likes to buy what we need and be sensible. Sensible! Pfft. I practically begged Hubby to let me get a box of fresh fruit & vegetables delivered from the markets, instead of letting him buy our supplies. Seriously, I begged. I promised that if we bought them I’d use them. Every single one of them.

So when, after a week, there was an abundance of tomatoes left on our kitchen bench I knew I needed to use them up or risk being given a hard time. No one likes to hear “I told you so!”, so I searched my trusty Stephanie Alexander cookbook for a recipe using tomatoes. Fresh tomato sauce won. It’s yummy. Super yummy. We’ll be using it on healthy homemade pizzas tonight and with pasta, basil and parmesan next week.


500g tomatoes {around 5 tomatoes} quartered, cored and seeded
1 onion sliced
4 garlic cloves sliced
1/2 cup of olive oil {I only used 1/4 cup}

♥ Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius
♥ Place tomatoes, onion & garlic in a small baking tray {you don’t want any room for movement}
♥ Drizzle with olive oil
♥ Bake for 45 minutes of until the skin on the tomatoes wrinkles
♥ Allow to cool. Remove skin from tomatoes. Process.
♥ Use straight away, or freeze for use later on.

Note: You can use your choice of fresh herbs in the sauce: basil, thyme or rosemary would work well – add the softer herbs after cooking – or if you’re adding rosemary, I suggest adding it before roasting.

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8 thoughts on “Make it from scratch: Fresh tomato sauce recipe”

  1. Excellent! Just what I needed Telle; thank you very much. I've always got an abundance of fresh fruit and veg and had been thinking of making my own tomato sauce but the whole removing the skins from the tomatoes process was, well, making my skin crawl. (You know, the whole cook, throw in ice water, etc?) This method is so much easier!

  2. We use this recipe ALL the time & have a freezer full in handy portion sizes too so quadruple the recipe. It is so nice in other recipes that call for puree & nothing better than having your own home made version for things like mexican too! I use leftover veg for veggie stock all the time too. Hate wasting stuff. 🙂

  3. Love, love, love this idea Chan. I absolutely love cooking most things from scratch included large batches of pasta sauce. So much better when we cook from scratch.

    I think it's healthier and tastes so much yummier!! 🙂 x

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