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Make it fancy: February wallpapers

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This is my favourite piece of advice for people thinking about getting into blogging, but it also works for anything you’re considering at all. JUST START. Want to get into art? Do it. Want to try a new exercise class? Get on it. Want to live your dreams? Just start.

Melyssa has done it again, and create beautiful wallpapers for your phone and computer. So download them and make your tech fancy. Be inspired every time you pick up the phone, or start-up your computer.

Click the links below and get them for your devices.


Click here to download for your PC.


Click here to download for your phone.

Enjoy being all fancy-like. AND, if in doubt… just start! x

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  • Elise

    This is the best, Chantelle. Thank you xo
    12 months ago I was unhealthy, unhappy and seriously overweight. It seemed I had an unconquerable mountain to climb… But, I ‘just started’ with small steps which became big leaps. I’m happier, healthier, fitter and stronger. Oh, and I lost 36kgs 🙂

  • autumn

    Look forward to these posts 🙂

  • Suddenly my phone looks a lot better! Thanks!

  • TRUE! I sometimes cringe when I look at my old posts on Patchwork but I love that I did it instead of just dreaming. xoxo

  • This is so true! Also, I recently came across the “Done is better than perfect” quote that a lot of start ups use and I really like it – just got to get on with things! 😉


  • Love this design so much – it’s going on the phone asap. It’s such a worthwhile thing to remember as often it’s a small step that makes all the difference. Thanks! x

  • mish

    After years of deliberating, I finally took the first steps into my own small business – it’s a hard slog and slow going but so invigorating and has made me feel happier and more satisfied than I ever imagined – I didn’t start it all shiny or with bells and whistles, but I did start it! Great advice 🙂