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LOW CARB SNACK: Tuna Dip with Parmesan Crackers

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It’s been stinking hot here lately. Summer has arrived earlier, and we’ve been busting out the cossies and getting in the water.

The thing is, I forgot to work on my bikini body.

I kid. But I have been working on being healthier. I think it’s probably a whole other blog post {it’s currently whirling around in my head with 536 other posts that I haven’t written – I have this block and fear that won’t let them come out! So annoying}. I just haven’t been feeling great, and this year I had so much health crap that went on, that I just knew I had to do SOMETHING. I knew it was time to make myself a priority. So, eating better is what I’ve been doing. Of course it’s a bumpy ride, but mostly Hubby and I have been loving the challenge of making recipes that are different, and reducing the amount of carbs that we consume {because I love me some fluffy white bread!}.

I know you’re probably yawning and zoning out, because I do when anyone mentions low carbs or zero sugar or avoiding any one food group. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. But life would probably be even shorter if I didn’t lose weight. So, I’m lowering the carbs, increasing the beautiful real foods, and if I really want something I have it, just not every single day.

Yawn-fest over. The good news is I’ve dropped a size, and am heading in the right direction.

So, over the weekend I made Hubby and I this dip and crackers. Hubby was all, “TUNA DIP, NO FLIPPING WAY WILL I EAT THAT!”

And then the next minute, with a mouth full of dip, he was all, “BEST DIP EVER!”

I actually love it for lunch dolloped in lettuce cups. Yummo!

The parmesan crackers are so easy. Just preheat the oven to 200ÂșC, sprinkle parmesan in a silicon muffin tin and then cook until crispy. If I want really crispy crackers, I’ll tip them out onto a lined baking tray, and then cook them a little longer.



185g can tuna in oil, drained
125g cream cheese
1/2 small red onion, finely chopped
1 lemon, juiced
Parsley, chopped

♥ In a bowl, combine tuna and cream cheese. Mash with a fork until combined.
♥ Add the onion, lemon juice, parsley and season with salt and pepper. Mix well.
♥ Transfer to a serving bowl, and serve with Parmesan crackers {or proper crackers if you like!}.



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  • Dee

    This is sounding amazing. I would never have thought to make parmesan crackers like that! I’m not a huge tuna fan, but do you reckon this would be good with tinned salmon? And by the way, totally with you on the low carb/sugar plan! I could eat nothing but white bread and butter if I’m not careful xx