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So Instagram got video. Here’s what I think…

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So, Instagram has video. If you’ve been awake at any point today you probably already heard it or saw it. It’s being talked about pretty much everywhere I turn {online anyway}, about as much as the name of Kanye and Kim’s baby.

Moving on.

Tips + tricks: How to use Instagram Video

What do I think about Instagram Video?

I’ve tried playing around with Vine for a while now, and while this is very similar I just find that it’s a little more user friendly for me. Vine was clunky and just took forever to load… and that was really discouraging. I kind gave up on it.

I’d like to see the feeds in Instagram separate to photos and videos, because I know I’m going to prefer photos over videos, and I know the novelty will wear off but right now I’m seeing lots of videos being shared {and unfortunately at this stage they’re not that interesting}. The videos that I’ve seen on Vine have often been pretty darn inspiring and amazing. Hopefully the ones shared on Instagram get there too.

My phone is always on silent… so I’m probably going to keep doing this, watching videos on silent too. I like it that way, what about you? Lastly, for me Instagram is all about the photo for me. I hope that it stays mostly photos, but I guess only time will tell.

Cool things to note:

♥ Add a filter to your video – I love this feature. Vine doesn’t have this, so it’s pretty darn cool.
♥ You don’t have to make one continual 15 second video. Simply take your finger off the record button and make it in sections. If you don’t like the last part of the clip you created, just hit delete and redo it.
♥ Got the wobbles, use the stabiliser feature {you can find it on the filter page}.
♥ Choose a cover frame. This just means you can choose a clip from your video that you want to appear as the cover photo in your Instagram feed.

Here’s my first every video. Instagram video cherry, you’ve been popped…

So what do you think? Will you be uploading videos to Instagram? Avoiding them? Or sitting back and saving judgements for after you’ve had a cup of coffee and some cake?