So Instagram got video. Here’s what I think…

So, Instagram has video. If you’ve been awake at any point today you probably already heard it or saw it. It’s being talked about pretty much everywhere I turn {online anyway}, about as much as the name of Kanye and Kim’s baby.

Moving on.

Tips + tricks: How to use Instagram Video

What do I think about Instagram Video?

I’ve tried playing around with Vine for a while now, and while this is very similar I just find that it’s a little more user friendly for me. Vine was clunky and just took forever to load… and that was really discouraging. I kind gave up on it.

I’d like to see the feeds in Instagram separate to photos and videos, because I know I’m going to prefer photos over videos, and I know the novelty will wear off but right now I’m seeing lots of videos being shared {and unfortunately at this stage they’re not that interesting}. The videos that I’ve seen on Vine have often been pretty darn inspiring and amazing. Hopefully the ones shared on Instagram get there too.

My phone is always on silent… so I’m probably going to keep doing this, watching videos on silent too. I like it that way, what about you? Lastly, for me Instagram is all about the photo for me. I hope that it stays mostly photos, but I guess only time will tell.

Cool things to note:

♥ Add a filter to your video – I love this feature. Vine doesn’t have this, so it’s pretty darn cool.
♥ You don’t have to make one continual 15 second video. Simply take your finger off the record button and make it in sections. If you don’t like the last part of the clip you created, just hit delete and redo it.
♥ Got the wobbles, use the stabiliser feature {you can find it on the filter page}.
♥ Choose a cover frame. This just means you can choose a clip from your video that you want to appear as the cover photo in your Instagram feed.

Here’s my first every video. Instagram video cherry, you’ve been popped…

So what do you think? Will you be uploading videos to Instagram? Avoiding them? Or sitting back and saving judgements for after you’ve had a cup of coffee and some cake?

14 thoughts on “So Instagram got video. Here’s what I think…”

  1. Yep, looks like instagram have done a good job, but it’s a slightly different service from Vine, which I’ve grown to love just over the last week.

    I do like the ‘looping’ that Vine does, which Instagram doesn’t. Oh, and Vine has always let you stop and start as you mention, so that’s not new for instagram. Filters, I agree, might be useful, and the ability to delete the last section, but as I’ve avoided instagram up till now I can’t see video’s going to make me want to start.

    I just blogged about Vine this week, as it happens:

  2. I am on the fence for now. I’ll likely watch but not create (yet!) how will it affect Photo A Day??

  3. I love video. But not sure if I want video in my Instagram. I agree, I wish I could turn it off or view two streams. It seems to be slowing things down and I like the quiet of photographs most days 🙂 Now that Flickr have totally messed up their interface, I wonder who will be next into the photo space? (Of course, Flickr had video a while ago too, but then they almost died. I wonder if people will flock elsewhere now? What will Google do?)

  4. I have an android phone and only got the update notification this afternoon – was quite confusing scrolling through the photos this afternoon, seeing pretty weird “photos” and comments.

  5. I am literally just getting into videos and downloaded Vine this last week. Pretty crazy that Instagram is doing it now too! I really like the idea of it, and hope it goes well for them but I’m worried that everyone is going to go video crazy and forget about taking really awesome photos. Videos might just be the way of the future! Definitely a good chance for me to perfect stop motion though ha! 😉

  6. I have vine but always forget to use it. I love the looping feature on vine. Instagrams Video or Instavine has I’ve seen people calling it, it great for the filters, and option for 15 seconds if you really need it, and I do love that delete option. I think though that just as there is a look for instagram type photos, people should aim for instagram type videos, and leave everything else for vine. I suppose we’ll just have to see over time.

  7. I like this feature, but I kinda hate it aswell. I agree that you should be able to have separate feeds of video and photos. I like the filter function. But I don’t like that you can’t select pre-recorded videos, that you have to actually film it on Instagram.

  8. Plz help I just updated my instagram and wanted to recored my vids… but it wont leme choose a cover fram

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