I Am Imperfect.


am imperfect.

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  1. It's definitely important that we all need to love ourselves, warts and all. Especially to show our kids so they can learn how to do it too. I hate that women are often so critical of themselves (and of each other). But looking at your list, um, if those are your only imperfections I think you ain't got nothin' to worry about! Kellie xx ps this is my first comment on your lovely blog. Hello! xx

  2. Great post. But I think as much as we try to fight being imperfect and pretend to not care, I think we still all do way too much. I know I do, I am the worst at worrying about stupid things. Being a mum of 2 I try to do everything, & do it perfectly, mind you it never happens, lots of slip ups. But i keep pursuing it. Ahhhhhh how much simpler my life would be at just being, & being happy with it. Thanks for reminding me it's ok to be imperfect 🙂

  3. I love this post …. I try to go by the theory that I cant be good at everything all of the time, which kind of lets me get away with being crap at lots of things often. But I am ok with that (well most of the time) and just focus on the good stuff. Like I am great at shopping, and giving cuddles to my kids, and going to the movies, and laughing with my friends ….

  4. we have the same kind of hair. *sigh*
    mum tells me it's beautiful (as mum's are required to do) and i tell her it's the kind of hair you see in these makeover 'before' shots!

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