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How to create a very ordinary ombre artwork

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Pinterest is responsible for many things. I’d suggest it’s created many whimsical weddings, added many inches to waistlines with it’s delicious recipes, and inspired many in dozens of different ways. For one, it’s made me think I’m crafty.

I dreamed up an artwork in my head. It was going to be amazing. It would be pink in colour, would cost me next to nothing and would also be fun to make.

I went to Bunnings {our local hardware store} and collected paint sample cards {in various shades of pink, a few of each colour}. I always feel guilty doing that. So I pretend I’m painting a room and am very indecisive in choosing a colour. I’m sure nobody cares, but I create a pathetically fake conversation with Lacey. “Hmm. Do you think this pink? Or this one? Oh, I’ll take this one. And that one. This one is nice too. Oh, I can’t decide. I’ll take a few.”

And then I headed home with my many sample cards, and an inspired mind.

Have you heard about ombre? It’s taking the world Pinterest by storm. You’ll see it in hair colours, nails, clothing and artworks. It means shading, or something going from light to dark {or the other way around}. So I was going to make an ombre artwork.

I hole punched my paint sample cards with a big hole punch and kept them in their colour piles. And then I glued.

I started with the lighter colours, and introduced the darker shades. I had no real system. Just glue and attach. Glue and attach. And repeat.

About one-quarter of the way through, I was impressed with my artwork. I liked it. Half-way through I realised it looked pretty crappy. And then once I finished and hung it… I realised it was just very ordinary.

I will not be beaten. I will make this into something else. Watch this space.

Are you arty? Or crafty? What’s the last thing you made?

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  • Love it! What a simple and beautiful idea!

  • Ah Pinterest. I’m exactly the same Telle. I made the dripping Crayola canvas, which I’m actually pretty happy with. But it’s given me so many ideas (I’m sure some of which are probably better in theory).
    I like your piece! And I do EXACTLY the same when getting paint sample cards (which I did earlier in the year for another Pinterst Easter project). 🙂 xx

  • Shellyn

    I like it too 🙂 My favourite is all the cute themed lunches I make the kids now!

  • I love your ombre artwork — fairly inexpensive, colorful and simple. Thumbs up!

  • Ren

    That totally would have worked, except you’re mixing cool pinks with warm pinks and the gradient doesn’t work. *knowall smile* -> this is what pinterest does to me, I am an EXPERT AT EVERYTHING now. (Shoot me, please.)

    Actually, the only real thing that I have tried from pinterest is ombre – What the hell? Seriously? What’s this “ombre” buzzword? It’s just a gradient! – ahem – nails. Worked pretty well, actually.

    Actually, pinterest frustrates me because I want my house to have about three hundred booknooks and bathrooms. *sigh*

  • Alice

    I don’t think it’s crappy at all!!! I am not a fan of pink but I would so buy that to put it in my little girls room. I think it turned out pretty alright…. I have to say I should really get into pinrest but I am a little scared of getting inspirational fatigue… I already have so many ideas buzzing in my head that I can’t keep up and it’s mentally draining me… I am loving the nail art (especially this whole ombre effect) and that drip crayon canvas….Genius!!!(The only reason why I know is because of lovely bloggers who mention pin rest and share their version of the inspiration)…

  • I was eyeing off the picture of the frame before I even got into reading your post, Chantelle! I have made a couple of framed thingies for little girl presents recently, and I’m on the look-out for some nice white frames – looks like I need to make a trip to Ikea! I’m glad I actually READ your post (and didn’t just ponder the pretty pictures), I loved your trip through the creative process, it sounds like many of my “projects”, LOL! I usually make cards, but Pinterest has me thinking I’m not just a card-maker, but a true artist… watch this space. 🙂

  • Cute idea!

  • It looks brilliant, except you’ve mixed the wrong colours. You could put a black piece on top with an inspirational word and hang it horizontally?

    • fatmumslim

      The only thing I was going to save was the frame, but Lacey just knocked it to the ground and it smashed… so I’m down a frame now. Sigh!

  • Kristy

    It’s art! There are no right or wrong ways to do it. 🙂

  • Kellie

    Ok i gotta admit it is pretty crappy. I did the same thing but with a hanging mobile thingy for kids rooms. One color just different shades…turned out crap. Then i felt bad for taking 450,000 paint sample cards lol.

  • Amanda

    It’s a good start!

  • Don’t miss the point – it’s the process that counts – have you ever done that before? I’m tipping not!
    What would you tell your child if they did that? You would say well done for having a go, what would you change next time, what can we do to improve it, what colours might have worked better etc etc.

    The point is when you are trying something new why is it that we expect it to work perfectly? Art making is about the process….sometimes it works, sometimes it is sh1t!! Just go with it, critique and try again…remember Churchill? Never ever ever give up!


    • I agree with Nicky. It’s about the process. The only reason you think it’s crappy is because you’ve seen such fabulous examples on Pinterest. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THERE! Is it really all that different from watching the Olympics, admiring the skill, cheering them on, knowing we’ll never be elite athletes but going out to play sport on the weekend anyway. Biggest question. Did you have fun? Did you learn something new? If so, mission accomplished.

  • Debbie

    put a random happy face on one of the circles..

  • I’ve written a number of pinterest gone bad posts, you’re not alone.

  • Mel

    It’s not as bad as you think Chantelle, love the fishscale pattern, I’m hunting tiles in the scale pattern for splashback in our kitchen reno. Your post reminded me about my ombre attempt, so I’ve just posted it on my blog –

  • Bianca

    I made a denim pocket bag out of an old pair of Jeans for the front of my 4 yr old sons bike. He loves it, it can carry things and its recycled.

  • I love crafts and art, but I tend to try everything once or twice and then move on to the next thing. I often return to the old things eventually, but sometimes it feels like I take too much different things onto my plate. My highlight moment was when I made a cute little monkey amigurumi by crocheting, it was one of my first trys. I gave it to a 3-year-old girl as a birthday present, cause she loved it so much, and even after more than a year, she still has it and it’s all in one piece! At the moment I have an anniversary card, a scrapbook page and a robot amigurumi all in the making.

  • Ok, this may seem completely left field but all I keep thinking is cut out some tiny little rubber ducky shapes in cardboard and glue one on top of each layer of colour in a random spot and it will look like one of those carnival games where the ducks go along on the fake waves and your meant to shoot them or knock them off. For some reason it totally reminds me of that. Weird huh? But would be totally cute.

  • I love this and am totally the same way with pinterest. See an idea love it when I do try to copy it it turns out so ordinary I always feel like it needs more. I’m going to be trying this one maybe with flower punch out. We will have to see, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • I think it’s cute!
    I’m the same way with weheartit and tumblr and I’m going to do some DIY projects soon, but I have no idea how successfull I’ll be 😀 I’ll probably be glueing my fingers together or something 😀


  • Jewely Isham

    Hello, my name is Jewely, and I’m a Pinterest addict! Since I’m out of work here in the “great” USA (please insert dripping sarcasm here), I spend quite a few hours looking at everything and anything on there! I finally made a board called “Pnned It – And DONE It!” where I try something and give myself a review… so I know if it worked or if I ever want to try it again! Mostly in the recipe category, but a few crafty items have made it on there. I’m hoping someday, if I ever find a job in this “wonderful” economy (sarcasm again), I can do some of the crafty stuff! Right now I have some scrapbooks I’m working on (I already have the supplies) and some digiscrapping. Now, my personal opinion – I thought our little picture was adorable! But, I’m not real crafty! I scrapbook, which takes the talent of a 2nd grader!!!! But, it is cute! Too bad your daughter broke the frame!

  • King

    I actually like the idea. I can imagine it in a nursery with some of the lighter coloured dots making the first initial of the baby’s name. It makes sense in my head but not sure if I have explained it well.

  • Terry Beth Barnhart

    It takes a lot of guts to just start gluing, so props to you! I would have been OCD about where I would start and where I would go from there, so I could see me putting the dots down, then starting over with the glue. I think it is a great idea,,good colors for a sunrise/set.
    As far as Pinterest,, it is wonderful to look for all the things you love and have a place to refer to them. Like bookmarking only better… I have found crafts I have tried that came out great,, others that did not go so well,, but I keep trying,,doing it for the process, REALLY is the point,, but it is “oh so nice.” when you love the end product! Keep trying, maybe next time when Lacey is sleeping 😉

  • Lili Sulastri Zainal Abidin

    Very inspiring indeed. Gives me an idea to use this as a background to creating a layout. Do you mind my copying your idea?

  • Lilybett

    I made all the stuff in the bottom right picture (… although that boy in the middle is the best thing I ever ‘crafted’.

  • Lilybett

    Dang. There’s an extra bracket ) on the end of that URL that shouldn’t be there :/

  • r0ss_emma

    LOVE attempting crafty pinterest projects I have failed a few in my time but recently discovered this awesome site called ‘craft fail’ so next time (if there is one) that you fail at a pinterest project you can laugh at all the other ones too!! 🙂 failure makes us all human especially craft projects! 🙂

  • Still looks good as is 🙂

  • Toni

    I left the image open on my screen while I went to the loo.
    When I came back in the room and saw it from a distance it looks brilliant!
    so perhaps for closer viewing, you oughta use a smaller hole punch