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Happy Mail Project 05 // Grab your partner here!

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Hello and happy Monday! Today I’m off to Sydney to enjoy adventure, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the week than with Happy Mail!

Let’s do it!

The Happy Mail Project, is a fun project where I partner up people all over the world to become pen pals. You’ll get the details of a person, and you’ll send them a letter or small package. You’ll receive one as well.

This round is for adults, and is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live, or if you’ve played before, everyone is welcome to play. The only requirement is that you MUST send a letter. No lazybones allowed here.

It takes about two weeks from sign-up to receive your partner. Please be patient as this is a tedious process and we do our best to make it happen quickly. Once you get your partner, it’s game on and the good times begin!

This is now closed. x

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  • Megs H

    Signed up and super excited “Throws confetti” 🙂 x

  • hilde

    Chantelle, thank you so much for your Happy Mail Project! I signed up a couple of rounds ago and now I’m sending and receiving snail mail to/from two lovely ladies in Australia!
    If you sign up please remember it might take time for people to write and then there is the long way for your mail to travel around the world. Be patient and jump for joy when you discover your mailbox is filled with another letter. 🙂

  • Nicole Reynolds

    Hi, how do I get a Happy Mail Swap Partner? I would LOVE sending and receiving Happy Mail because I buy stuff and there may be some stuff i it that I don’t like so I just put it in a save box and it just sits there.