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Grandma’s yummy no-bake chocolate slice

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Grandma's no-bake chocolate slice

My grandma was a great baker. She made the most delicious peanut butter cookies and pumpkin scones. I’d love to say that this recipe is hers, but I don’t even know which grandma owns this one. My neighbour emailed it to me with the title ‘Grandma’s no-bake slice’ so I’m not sure which grandma made this one, but I’m telling you that I want her to be my grandma.

This slice is good. Good in that you don’t even have to turn the oven on. Good as in it has nothing at all nutritious about it. Good as in it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Good as in it’ll make you happy.

Grandma's no-bake chocolate sliceGrandma's no-bake chocolate slice


1 packet Arnott’s Marie biscuits
1 packet Arnott’s butternut snap biscuits
1 tin condensed milk
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1/2 cup melted butter
1 block {around 200g} of hazelnut chocolate {or plain chocolate if you don’t do nuts}

Grandma's no-bake chocolate slice


♥ In a blender or Thermomix, crush the biscuits until nice and fine. Place into a bowl and mix together with all the other ingredients, except the hazelnut chocolate.
♥ Prepare a tin by lining it with baking paper. Press the mixture into the tin and place it into the fridge.
♥ Melt the chocolate and pour over slice. Place back in fridge to set. If you like lots of chocolate, melt two blocks to put on top. Remove from fridge for a few minutes before cutting.


Tell me about your grandma. Is she a good baker? Is this slice hers?

  • I love the way the internet lets us feel like we live in one big global community, until you see recipes with biscuits in them! I’m sure I can find UK equivalents, and it sounds delish.

  • Oh Ma Gawd! Get in my belly!! This recipe looks AMAZING! Hazelnut choc is my FAVE! The kids and I will be making this, this holidays!
    C x

  • Sally

    I’ve made one similar using the Black Forest chocolate. Mmmmmm, may just have to make some with the kids today. Thank Grandma for the recipe!

  • What are the biscuits? Ideas for a substitution in the states? Thanks! I need this GOODness!

  • all of the yes’s…..
    this is going to have to be given a go at my place.

  • Oh, just stumbled upon your blog. How lucky!! 🙂 It looks delicious!!!Thank you for sharing

  • Lucy

    Did you say peanut butter cookies?!! Care to share that recipe? I’m still forever grateful for your chocolate cloud cake recipe that I now make and just about die everytime!

    • I’ve never made them but I’m sure Ma has the recipe. I’ll find it. x

  • Kelsey

    This looks divine!!! But seriously, how the skunk did you cut it with that little knife. You must have some serious guns, I practically have to get the butcher’s block out to cut up slice :S

    Oh, and my Nan is an incredible cook – her anzac biscuits are heaven and her ‘special’ pickled pork that we have on toast christmas morning is delish (family traditions are crazy, hey?!).

    On a more serious note – thank you for this prompt, I really should sit down and collect all my Nan’s recipes while she’s still around.

    • Oh man, it was easy! I might be the strongest girl in the world!! 😛

  • Jocelyn

    I’m trying to make this tonight for tomorrow arvo… is that ok? So easy to make! Thanks for sharing

  • This looks so good! I’ll save it for when I have a party to go to (and share at!).

  • Nadia

    Made this today, it’s soon good (even without the hazelnuts due to an allergy) – I know it’s good because my husband took a photo to send to his workmate, bragging about it!

  • Vicky

    Can’t wait to try this. Big fan of your recipes. Best banana cake, Twix cookies, best ever butter cake are some of my favorites. On a serious note, what size tin did you use for the slice?

  • kirsten

    how many ml of condense milk is in the tin?

  • Beth

    Yum! This looks delicious

  • Alani Winter

    Chantelle, I made this over the weekend but the base was not chocolatey at all – is it meant to be? It was more like a gingernut slice and I wondered if there was cocoa or something missing from the ingredient listing?

    • Hey lovely. It’s more biscuit, so this is the recipe. Maybe I should have called it a different name – the chocolate comes from the top. Did you think it was yummy?