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Grab N Go Breakfast Recipes

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Mornings can be hectic, and there’s been more than one morning where I’ve piled the kids in the car to run to school and someone has yelled, “But I haven’t had breakfast!” Bad mum alert. So I love these grab n go breakfast recipes. You can make ahead, and then literally grab them and go as you walk out the door.

DONNA HAY’S BREAKFAST COOKIES | As a kid I would have been fully stoked if Mum had said I could have cookies for breakfast! Get the recipe here.

HEALTHY BANANA MUFFINS | These are really light, and healthy too {less sugar, wholemeal flour}, and they freeze well too. Get the recipe here.

NATURAL OAT & HONEY BARS | Don’t these look delicious? They’re super simple, and you can make a big batch to last you out the week. Get the recipe here.

MAKE AHEAD FREEZABLE BREAKFAST MUFFINS | These look amazing to me, and I wouldn’t have thought that they would freeze so well. Personally I’d take the ham out and add bacon, or just have no meat. But, yum! Get the recipe here.

QUICK & EASY ZUCCHINI SLICE | This one is super easy to make, and delicious to eat. Whip it up for breakfasts {or lunches and dinners!}. Get the recipe here.

MORNING GLORY BANANA BREAD | I am a sucker for anything on the sweet side, and dried fruit is my jam. So this one would be happily gobbled up on the weekend! Get the recipe here.

ZUCCHINI, PUMPKIN & BACON FRITTATAS | I’ve made these MANY times and they are always good. The perfect breakfast to grab, eat and fill the tummy in a healthy way. Get the recipe here.

SAUSAGE & EGG BREAKFAST TURNOVER | I’m a sucker for pastry, so this is screaming out for me to make. Get the recipe here.

BLUEBERRY PANCAKE MUFFINS | Yes, they’re a thing. A delicious thing! Get the recipe here.


What’s your favourite quick and easy breakfast?