Gone campervanning.

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Last weekend we popped our campervan cherry. It’s something we’d always wanted to do. We’ve dreamed of traveling around Australia in one, so we wondered how we’d go on our very first trip. This is how it went down.


We’d picked up the campervan the day before so we packed and got ready to go. We affectionately named her Betty because every car should have a name, shouldn’t it? We were using a 4-berth Platinum Beach motorhome. It had two double beds, a shower and toilet, an oven, fridge and even air-conditioning. It’s really modern, clean and so well looked after. I’m really fussy about where we stay, and I was really impressed.

We have neighbours that travel in their caravan for six months of the year, so I knew that it was best to be organised and pack lightly. Also, suitcases and campervans don’t mix. So we packed our clothes etc into soft bags and packed them into the cupboards. We also filled the pantry with food for the weekend, and a little wine and beer too.

TIP: Don’t take everything AND the kitchen sink. Take the bare minimum. Camping is about having fun, impressing no one, and living simply.

Maui supplied the linen, towels, bedding all cleaned and sealed in bag. So we didn’t need to worry about all that stuff. Just clothes, toiletries, food and twenty billion soft toys for Lacey to sleep with {highly important when you’re 6}.

Once we were packed we hit the road. For our first ever trip we pondered going on a long road trip. We were told Darlington Beach was amazing. But for our first trip, we went… wait for it… just 20 minutes south to Hastings Point. Daring, aren’t we?

hasting point1

Hastings Point is on the north coast of NSW, just half an hour south of the NSW/QLD border. We’d heard that the Big 4 park at Hastings Point was good for kids, but were pleasantly surprised just how good it was. Evidence below:


There’s a water playground and a pool with two slides. The big pool, and the baby paddle pool are both heated during winter, so of course Lacey went for a swim. That girl loves the water. There’s also an indoor playground, an outdoor one, a kids club {they host discos and movie nights and more fun things during school holidays}, and a tennis court too. Oh, and these guys to keep the kids on their toes…


For the adults there’s a day spa {woot} and a hair salon, plus indoor spas and lap pools. Oh, and there’s a cafe.

We booked an ensuite site with power. Upon arrival we were given a TV cable which gave us Foxtel in our van {which made for a very happy husband}. We followed the map, found our site and backed Betty into her space. Hubby set everything up while we kindly watched from inside.


TIP: Arrive while it’s still light so you can see where everything is and where it needs to go.

The guy in the caravan next to us took, I kid you not, 6 HOURS to set up everything for his site. We parked. Plugged in the electricity, water and TV. I made the beds and we were done within 20 minutes. Time for lunch.


Ripples cafe is located at the entrance of the park. I had a sandwich, Hubby had a pasta dish, Lacey and Luella shared fish and chips. Lacey finished off with a milkshake. I may have done a quality control check and it tasted as good as it looked.

We’d arranged for friends and family to come and visit us over the weekend, but with the weather not playing nice we decided to have an early night instead.


We woke to another rainy day. I won’t lie, I was disappointed. My dreams of Lacey scooting around and making new friends were literally rained on.


We headed out and further down the coast for breakfast at the Macadamia Castle. We’d planned to check out the animal park and other stuff as well, but with the rain not easing, it didn’t work out. So we ate breakfast and decided to go for a drive afterwards. We’ve eaten at the Macadamia Castle before and their portions are super generous. I highly suggest ordering the caramel and macadamia pancakes and sharing them with someone. So good!

TIP: The perk of having a campervan is that it’s easy to get around in. It only takes minutes to set up and also pack up. So we could unplug 3 cables and be on the road again to explore wherever we wanted, and then come back again to settle in for the night. It’s good to have a little flexibility.

mac castle

We then jumped in the van and headed towards Byron Bay via Suffolk Park. The road is lined with little road stalls so we stopped and picked up some lemons {one bag for $2, which we dropped in the honesty box}.


And then onwards to Byron…


First stop Wategos Beach. We spotted whales off the coast playing around. Magic.




Then we headed up to Cape Byron to check out the lighthouse. You can park down the bottom of the hill and walk up, or you can pay $7 to park up the top and have a look around. Luella was asleep so we opted for the $7 parking option.



We then headed into Byron to check out the shops and grab some sushi for Lacey and Luella. We also stocked up on sausages from the butchers there. If you’re ever visiting I suggest trying them. They’re gluten-free, and have won awards {which ones, I’m not sure, but they’re good}. When we lived in Sydney we used to buy some and fly them back in an esky with us. Us obsessed? Never.


Byron is always changing. My all-time favourite shop had disappeared and another in it’s place. And these walls {above} had popped up since last time.

We watched more whales before heading home.


The man with the epic caravan set-up next door, back at the caravan park, had his grandchildren arrive and Lacey promptly jumped out of the caravan to ask them to play loom bands. Automatic friends. Win! Don’t you love how quickly kids make friends?

TIP: Bring entertainment

TIP: Every caravan/campervan should have a deck of cards in it somewhere, especially in case of wet weather. I taught Lacey to play fish and we were about to play snap when the three kids turned up next door and they all played loom bands together. Loom brings everyone together. Also, I learned how to make loom too. Humans {that’s what Lacey calls adults} can learn new stuff too.


Lacey played with her new friends while we hung out and chatted. Ma dropped in with my little niece so Luella and T’el had a play while we chatted. And then another early night for us all.


Ah, the weather gods shone upon us and the sun came out. Rejoice!


We headed to Ripples cafe for their buffet breakfast {only $9.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids} and then out to explore Hastings Point and surrounds in the sunshine. Here’s what we found. So beautiful!



There are beautiful beaches, and great surfing spots {as I’m assured by Hubby} close by, as well as Cudgera Creek which is my kind of water. I’m coming back to try the walk on Cabarita Headland. And, yes, we saw more whales off the coast. We were really treated this weekend. It’s the perfect time of year for whale-spotting.

We then headed off back home to unpack, get back to real life. But we’re already planning the next trip. I think we’re hooked {let’s hope the weather plays nice next time!}.

Maui are giving one Fat Mum Slim reader a chance to have their own 3-day campervan getaway. Oh the places you could go! Just tell me where you’d go, and why, to be in the running.

And if you’re keen to get moving already, you can get your Maui hire by visiting here.

We stayed in the campervan thanks to Maui. We covered all other costs, including our food, entertainment and site costs at the caravan park.

Competition closes July 30 at 11:59pm.

The winner of this competition is Jackie. Congratulations. x

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  1. First visit to your site following the link through Styling You ..Really enjoyed reading about your Camper van trip thank you for sharing ..sounds fabulous and thanks for the opportunity to win a campervan break away ..just what we need ! Like you, we haven’t tried it yet but would love to do the round Australia trip one day .We are in Brisbane and haven’t been down Byron Bay way so we would be thrilled to do very similar to what you did !

  2. Would just love to head down to the coast (from Toowoomba). I remember spending many childhood holidays in camping grounds making friends – would love for my 6year old twins to experience the same thing. Be a bit more comfy in a camper van than a tent πŸ™‚

  3. We would travel down to the South West of WA! I had to postpone my 40th birthday trip to Airlie Beach due to surgery (which is now not happening!!!). Not sure if the 40th birthday experience would be the same as what I would get in Airlie, but the wineries will help make it bearable!

  4. I’d love to head down south for a weekend with the family. I love Bangalow! Its my favourite and the markets are epic.

  5. We live up on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. We’re a FIFO family and would love the chance to take our 2 girls to the theme parks at the gold coast when hubby is home on break. We’re in to camping and were planning to rough it at a caravan park but this would be bliss!!

  6. Love it. Byron is my favorite place. I met my husband there and turned a working holiday into a more permanent thing. We go back on our anniversary every year.

  7. Love the photos and tips! Would love to go to Phillip Island VIC to see my brother or take the ferry across from Sorrento-Queenscliff VIC or even to Bright VIC. All things we would love to do but so much hassle with a young family.

  8. This post has totally inspired me! I think we would probably head north to the Sunshine Coast. After living on the Gold Coast for 10+ years I’ve never actually made it further than Brisbane! Tsk tsk. Quick question, where did Luella sleep in the campervan? I have a 10month old too and there’s no way she’d stay put in a double bed.

  9. We would go north! We live just south of Perth and haven’t had a chance to explore the countryside north of the city yet. A three day trip to Cervantes would be awesome, stopping to check out the Pinnacles, Lake Thetis, Emu Downs wind farm and the GinGin gravity discovery centre! Science nerd-erific πŸ™‚

  10. Definitely head up to Bright from Melbourne as neither of my girls have seen the snow and its so damn beautiful up there

  11. Oooh! Mark and I were JUST talking about a camping holiday (it’s all we can afford!). We would go to Byron or Jervis Bay… Olivia has never been on a holiday and our last one was the “babymoon”. You took some gorgeous pics. Tell Lacey I have a habit of calling adults “humans” too πŸ™‚

  12. We are looong overdue a holiday – we had a 3 night honeymoon 5 years ago and have since had 3 babies so not much money around at the moment. We actually discussed a camping holiday last week but I don’t think I would be much good in a tent (or our 5 month old). If we were lucky enough to win we would definitely head north. We live just outside of Canberra (top of 8 degrees predicted tomorrow) so the warmth would be a treat. I have never been further north than Sydney so it would be fabulous

  13. Hubby and I were just talking a out this, our son loves hearing stories from daddy about his camping adventures as a kid.

    We live in melbourne and would love to go bush/beach so probably Wilson’s Promentary!

    Thanks for a great post I miss my qld home!!

  14. Oh, we would love an adventure along the great ocean road… Exploring the coastline, taking in the fresh air while showing our boys what life is about. Simple living. I love your adventures Chantelle. They make me smile

  15. I would love to take my partner on a weekend away to Tassie. We have not had a holiday together for many years and we would love a trip away. And, why Tassie? It’s the only state/territory in Australia that we haven’t been to and I hear the food, wine and scenery is gorgeous!

  16. Oh I’ve been desperate to try out a campervan I have visions of the family travelling around seeing the sights of Australia…. Hmmm, in reality a 3 day holiday to explore further south would be amazing and we might last that long before we drive each other crazy… Love this idea.

  17. Oh I would love to take my boys over to KI (kangaroo island) we’ve been dreaming of hiring a camper van and exploring over there.

  18. Really enjoyed reading this Chantelle, thanks so much for sharing. Looked like such a fun weekend. I’d love to take hubby and the kids on a road trip anywhere. We are so lucky Australia has so many beautiful places to see, enjoy and explore. And with hubby working long stints away what better way to spend some quality time than on a campervanning adventure !

  19. Kangaroo Island would be my destination! Especially as it’s in our own backyard, and I’ve never been.

  20. Definitely back to Echuca where we just spent the past 2 years. 3 friends have all just had babies in the past month and I’m desperate to meet them all and snuggle and breathe all that new baby goodness ❀️

  21. In WA we are a long way from anything but we are cool like that. Totally used to driving 5 or more hours a day. Funnily enough just this arvie I was out for a walk with my ma and (I totally hadn’t even seen this post yet!) I was saying how keen I was to hire one of those funky Maui campers and load the girls and disappear further up north to shark bay/monkey Mia in search of that elusive warmth! What’s a five hour drive when you can make like a snail and set up house wherever fancy takes ya!

  22. Tasmania. Never been. Want to go. A Maui camper van would be the best way to “do” Tasi. Pull up, get out, explore, drive on, park, sleep. Do it all again the next day with a different view each time. Can’t wait!

  23. How to choose just one destination! We’d either head up to Byron – because it’s one of my favourite places on earth and I dream of a sea change and living there like a hippy, or to Tassie, because it’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to explore… Or maybe do the Great Ocean Road… It’s just too hard to decide!! I’m going to say Byron… Byron for sure (ask me again in five minutes)

  24. My initial thought is to head down the Great Ocean Road, it’s beautiful down there and so many beautiful sights. But I honestly think I’d love to make it a true adventure and ventur off to the other side of Victoria into unknown territory (well for me at least). Making sure to stop at the strawberry farm I’ve heard about where you pay for a bucket and go strawberry picking, sounds like so much fun

  25. I love road trips! We (ok the hubby) is about to start fixing up an old kombi into a camper for road trips. In a few years time we hope to take a very extended road trip around South America but for now I’d like to explore the East Coast, having spent most of my life up until now in the West πŸ™‚

  26. we would love to travel down south (of perth) it is beautiful in winter, maybe visit some wineries and just enjoy each others company.

  27. I would live to win this for my little family and take them on a three day adventure to Hervey Bay. I loved your account of your holiday there a few years ago and have wanted to go for whale watching season ever since! Xx

  28. I’ve never been to Australia, and most likely won’t ever get to visit, so seeing these pictures was a treat. Thanks for sharing them, and your tips!

    It’s interesting that you didn’t chose to venture far on your first day. Me and my little family are going away in September to a caravan/mobile home site and it’s literally a couple hours from our home. It’s our first holiday with the little one and we didn’t fancy travelling too far.

    Thanks for sharing some beautiful snippets from your trip.
    Bits & Bobs

  29. I would give this prize to my parents – they’ve had a tough few weeks and they would love to get away for a few days, perhaps down the Great Ocean Road.

  30. My hubs and I are planning a caravan road trip around central Australia for our 2 year wedding anniversary, stopping at places like Alice springs, Ayers Rock and Coober Pedy. It would be fantastic to win a 3 day campervan getaway as a trial run!!

  31. Oh I’ve always wanted to try campervanning, it looks so…convenient! I think we would either take it to Nelson Bay in Port Stephens, because it’s our favourite family holiday spot and there’s plenty of places to stay and explore from a campervan. Or we would try somewhere different for us- I’m thinking the Kangaroo Valley area, because it’s so lush and there’s plenty of drives to head out on.

  32. I am constantly trying to think of way to keep my husband feeling connected with our two daughters 6 and 9 as he is starting to feel left out of the family dynamic and finding less things in common with them so this would be perfect. They could plan, share, cooperate and team work to design their perfect three day adventure where everyone’s interests are taken into account.

  33. I would love to take my 16 month old and husband on a campervan adventure. I spent every summer of my youth from 8 weeks of age until 20 in a caravan at Barwon Heads in Victoria and whilst the camp ground has certainly changed since then and a campervan would be a whole lot fancier than the accomodation of my childhood, it would be amazing to see that sense of wonder on my daughters face and to enjoy some simple family time.

  34. Oooh, this is on our wish list – a little family jaunt in a camper van πŸ™‚ We would most definitely head south along the WA coast for the gorgeous beaches, great food and wine and fabulous iconic landmarks that I remember visiting myself as a child.

  35. What a wonderful little holiday for you all! I have always wanted to try campervanning, I would take my 3 girls down to Jervis Bay where I used to camp when I was young. I would love to see their faces while we feed the birds as they literally land on your arms!

  36. Firstly I may say Chantilly in what a great read your holiday trip went. Hubbie and I have always planned to do a trip just like this before growing into grey nomads and what better way than to enter your comp!
    I would love to discover more of our Southern coastline during Summer and taking our not so little near 2 year old with us…..to dream….:)

    Thankyou for sharing and inspiring my holiday dreams.

    Joanna Ellis

  37. i would grab my offspring from school and take a few days to explore one on one time.. wherever we ended up would be hands down awesome..

  38. Chantelle, it looks like you had a lovely trip and worked around the rain! I would love to hit the beach – to drive along the South Coast of New South Wales and to stop at Tilba Tilba for Devonshire Tea!!!!

  39. This sounds crazy given the close proximity (granted, further than 20 minutes πŸ˜‰ but I would LOVE to go to rutherglen. Park up, guzzle excellent wine, maybe a spot of yabbying… I hear mildura is nice this time of year too, on the banks of the Murray. I’m the same, have always wanted to do a camper trip. I believe it’s called Glamping – right up my street. Also, if Byron was 20 minutes from my doorstep, that’s exact where I’d head. We try and go every year. Love it.

  40. Hi Chantelle! We’d emulate a road trip of yours and head off to beautiful Canberra! Living in Orange, it’s a quick 3 hour trip (important with a 14 month old little boy who gets cranky being in the car for too long)! and has lots of fun things to do as a family! We’d check out questacon, the zoo, the war memorial and AIS… And we’d love to get there campervan style – it’s always been a dream of ours! Didn’t know Maui did campervan hire… Such a fab idea for a different family holiday! πŸ™‚

  41. What a wonderful adventure your family had. We would head to Wilsons Promontory National Park, such a beautiful part of Victoria. Having family staying with us while they build their new home means we could do with a little holiday away

  42. I’d love nothing more than to pack up the family, grab our board shorts, boogie boards and head down The Great Ocean Road in Victoria. We’ve never done the entire length, there are so many little seaside towns, beaches and lighthouses to photograph! That’s my idea of a summer Road trip!

  43. I think if i was lucky enough to won this prize, We would either head to Brunswick Heads (Northern NSW, hubby’s choice so he can kayak & fish lol) or up to Maleny/Monteville (Sunny Coast my choice so i can get shop in all the little boutique stores )

  44. hi I live in NZ and I am in to the second month of trying to get photos up. I wanted to say was I love this article, we are just talking about coming over to Australia for a holiday the boys want to go surfing, I want to visit Barrier reef just in case in does get destroyed though all my wish’s that it will be safe. Never thought about camping. There are so many wild and wonderful places to explore that I wouldn’t know where to start on a journey. So thank you for sharing, cheers Dinah

  45. I’d love to meet my pen friend from Germany, I’ve been writing to her for 40 yrs, who is travelling in Australia during August, perhaps around Darwin or Kakadu. That would be wonderful and a lovely surprise for her.

  46. My 14 year old girl & I would just drive… have the tunes blasting & a flip of the coin to decide each way… the nsw coast is gorgeous nth or sth & we could just have fun exploring

  47. Definitely the Great Ocean Road for us. My darling husband loves it when we drive together but we don’t have a car any more so it would be wonderful to escape for a few days, my hand on his leg as we cruise along <3

  48. I would love to take my little family of 5 to a place my husband and I once camped many moons ago, to Emerald Beach NSW and sit on the beach to watch the sun come up with our three beautiful girls and create happy childhood memories!

  49. I’ve always wanted to try campervanning and it would be perfect timing with two young kids when tenting seems a long way away. We are located in the SW WA so we would use the three days to get away further south to the karri forest where we could breathe the fresh winter air and unwind and recharge. There’s no place better! Would require plenty of winter woollies and gum boots but would be such a treat to do it with a van!

  50. To the beach to view the whales. The waves and the might of nature soothes my soul ( and I promised the kids

  51. Oh we are so keen to try campervanning! My parents took us around Europe in a campervan in 1983 when I was 12. Now looking back they seem like such trail blazers! I would love to take my little family on a campervan adventure but how do we decide where to go? I think a long weekend pottering up the coast from Sydney would be lovely. I hear there’s some awesome caravan parks up that way.

  52. I would take my partner and son up north to Hervey Bay and Bundaberg. My partner is Indonesian and he has to go back to Bali soon as his visa is up and I desperately want to show him as much of Queensland as I can before he goes. We have already done south down to Byron and he loved every minute of it. It would be so lovely to spend some quality time as a family before he has to leave πŸ™‚

  53. I’d take my little family to Launceston, Tasmania and visit my sister who’ll be graduating from Uni at the end of the year. We’ve never been and I’d love to photograph our adventure but we can’t afford to explore or even attend due to medical bills. Winning this prize would not only make me bounce off the walls with joy, but my family would be bouncing about too.

  54. I’d love to getaway down to Huskisson (NSW South Coast). Pre-wedding, pre-baby, pre-super busy, expensive life, we used to go down there to relax and get away from it all. It would be amazing to be able to pop our campervan cherry and show our little boy the place we fell in love with (not to mention, the place where we fell even more in love).

  55. When pregnant I always planned in my head a road trip with my new little family. Now at 8 weeks old It’s a perfect time to jump on a Van and take us where the road leads. The good thing about a Van is that anywhere is your bed for the night so I think an unplanned trip is best. And I would make sure we go somewhere with little handmade markets to pick up lots of trinkets for my princess.

  56. I’ve been planning a trip like this for a while but haven’t been able to due to work and finances, but I would love to travel from launcheston up and around to wineglass bay, follow the coast around north towards hobart and then up back to launcheston midland. My tastebuds are in heaven now thinking about all the fresh produce, wine and cheese!

  57. We are in WA so our three day campervanning trip would have to be to Margaret River ad the surrounding country side, wineries, resturants, chocolate factory, beaches and jarrah forrests. I did thie when I was a kid and would love to take my 5 and 3 year olds on the same family bonding trip! Thank you

  58. I would love to see NSW Coast line. We live in Vic and have an amazing coast line and we hear the NSW is equally nice and surely a few more degrees warmer than here could be nice πŸ™‚ We would have a ball with the kids in toe πŸ™‚

  59. I’d really love to take our (growing) family in a campervan to the Central Coast.. I think three days away is a perfect number of days for us to take time out from our busy life… Central Coast is close enough to drive without the kids driving us mad but far enough away to explore something new πŸ™‚

  60. I would take my party of three beachside to Merimbula Beach Holiday Park. Coming from landlocked Canberra all we need for a great break is a beach, a lovely campervan to stay in and each other. Oh and some yummy fresh local seafood would be good too.

  61. I would take my son to Tidal River at Wilson’s Promontory because I have so many lovely memories from my own childhood (and beyond that) that I would like to create some for him πŸ™‚

  62. Probably Phillip Island we went there once when my girls were young, the eldest loved it so much she wanted to move there and still speaks fondly of Phillip Island.
    I love a family holiday everyone is much more relaxed, no work, no school . And I know I will remember these trips forever.

  63. Hubby and I would love to do Mission Beach to Port Douglas including the Daintree. I’ve never been any further North than Townsville and we have family who live up that way that we haven’t seen in years. Getting time off work for both of us is very hard as we run our own business and farm, so a ‘forced’ 3 day campervan holiday to explore the far north would be ah-maze-ing.

  64. Winter sport season is coming to an end….you can probably hear me cheering from there…!!! Week days are spent with hubby being out at work from 5.30am til 7.30pm and myself running the girls to school and to seemingly endless after school activities…weekends are no better as hubby and I negotiate getting children to sporting activities at conflicting times and at opposite ends of the world! So…I would get down on my knees and beg my sister to mind our girls while hubby and I set off for three days…three whole child free days (can you tell its been some 7 or more years since we have even had one night away from our high energy yet eternally precious girls!!). We would head to wherever there were antique shops and market stall….cafes and quirky little shops (best viewed without the fear of children breaking something!!) And even though I would probably spend the whole three days wishing that the girls were with us and even buying them little gifts…it would be absolute bliss. Hubby has long dreamed of travelling the country in a campervan…..5 children kinda kills that dream as most campervans seat a maximum of 6…so a little child free campervan experience sounds perfect!

  65. Our family, two little boys, hubby and I would head out west of Brisbane to the bush. A long weekend adventure along the Great Bunya Drive, exploring for treasure at country markets, waking up to nature and re-energising the soul – bliss!

  66. Being that we have never had a family holiday, I would be happy to go anywhere, as long as we were together, having fun and making lots of happy memories.

    • As my partner is a chef we don’t often get time away together. The chance to get away and explore the Stanrhorpe region – something I have always wanted to do. Nice long drive to stop and explore – take pictures and of course taste the wine. It would be a great getaway as my picture taking happiness level would be in overdrive and he would be exploring somewhere he has never been – win win

  67. One of my besties moved to Tassie 18 months ago and the kids and I have been dreaming of catching the ferry to visit her and her awesome dog Fred – since she lives in Hobart and the ferry goes to Launceston we thought it would be super awesome to get a caravan for a few days and have a true adventure.. And pop our caravan cherry too!! Fingers crossed our dream comes true one day soon (even sooner if we won!). Love your post Chantelle xx

  68. We would pack up our 1 year old son and head straight to Adelaide area. We live in Ocean Grove Victoria and driving there would lead us along the Great Ocean Road at a great pace. Seeing rain forests, surf beaches, 12 apostles and who knows what else! Open for adventure, experiences and reliving a bit of my youth (I travelled Australian in a kombi as a kid).

  69. Wow do we need this! My family are ocean lovers living in WA, we would definitely head north to Shark Bay, Monkey Mia. I am a co-founder of the Young Protectors of the Ocean – all about marine and ocean conservation for kids.We would love to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia and spread the YP message. My son goes crazy for campers and Daddy hasn’t had a holiday in 3 years, this would be a dream come true:-)

  70. Ohhh Id literally be happy to go anywhere! But I’d love to head north to Hervey Bay. I haven’t been there since we were kids and would holiday there as a family. I have fond memories of feeding the pelicans! Would love to re-create that tradition with my little family.

  71. Let’s face it, I’d be happy to go anywhere and your travel diary has totally inspired me (thanks!) but we have never been to the Sunshine Coast and I think my three kiddies are at the right age and I know they would LOVE that area ( not nec the theme parks but surrounds!).
    Have a good day,
    Kim x

  72. To be perfectly honest my husband is always rattling on about hiring a campervan for the weekend but it has always scared the bejesus out of me…. We have three children under 7 and I really like luxury and comfort when I’m away….. But after reading your tale of adventure I think I could relax with the idea that my husband and I do not have to be expert at campervan traveling with our brood on the road (in style and with ease it appearsfrom your review) So as we live in Melbourne for my debut gypsy experience I would head to The Great Ocean Road, majestic and exciting for the children and not to far away from home so more time to enjoy the campervan experience. Wow! I already have those soft little bags packed…… πŸ™‚ x

  73. Close my eyes and stick a pin in a map – that’s the direction I’d take. And why? Because no matter which way you go, there’s something wonderful to see.

  74. We live in Perth and love camping trips – except for how long it takes to set up!! It’s especially tiresome as everywhere in WA is a loooooong drive away. We just go home from Exmouth and saw a few whales there. For our first ever motor home trip I’d love to explore the South West – with its Margaret River Region wineries and breweries, tall tree forests, rugged coastline with lighthouses and great beaches add in a few funky shops and what more could you want!!

  75. I would love to escape the winter colds and flus that we have been plagued by over the past month or so. We would most definitely head north, I wonder how far we could get in 3 days – Kalbarri definitely but Broome would be a stretch! Either would be heavenly and warm and sunny and *sigh* just so healing πŸ™‚

  76. I’d love to take my kids to the Caravan Park I spent every holiday at growing up – also happens to be where my grandparents lived!

  77. Gee you write well. I loved your blog. Felt like I was there with you. This would be a lovely opportunity to take a break and get away from it all. It’s been more than 20 years since I have been to the Blue Mountains and this would make a great long weekend away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  78. I’d just pack up busy hubby and Mr 3 who is in care too much whilst I work. We would just drive, after all we have brains in our heads, and feet in our shoes. We could steer ourselves any direction we choose. You’re on your own. Anywhere would be great as a family on one of these lovelies x

  79. I’d follow the circus….otherwise known as my 3 boys. Turn left at the roundabout and follow the road…It would be great to remind my kids ( and hubby) that life is an adventure!

  80. I’d love to head further down the NSW South Coast and stay in Merimbula. Life has had its stressful moments recently so it would be lovely to just go away with my partner and kids for a few days! We had the opportunity pre-kids to drive in a RV from LA to Orlando, and loved it!! Such a fun way to travel!

  81. My list of places I would love to go is looong! I would absolutely love yo visit Canarvon Gorge with my family, the walks are supposed to be amazing and it’s not somewhere you get to go unless it’s a special trip. The motor home would be perfect for the trip πŸ™‚

  82. I’ve been wanting to try a campervan for a while. With 4 kids we only have half a boot (1 child sits in it) so we need to pack everything in around him PLUS tow a trailer everytime we go away. And although it’s kinda fun to watch my hubby play “car tetris” each and every time we pack or stop or re-pack (or have to find THAT toy that needs to be found NOW!), I’m sure he’d love the chance to pack once and set up quickly and easily on holidays. I think I’d head north….. this winter is killing me.

  83. I’d go to Hevery Bay to see the whales, explore Maryborough, Bundaberg and their surrounds and call in at Woodgate Beach, a favourite beach in a rural area, great for swimming, boating, fishing and walking the waterfront track or the national park.

  84. Would take my two besties to Mackay, Queensland! We are all hippies at heart and from my endless Instagram research of Mackay it has beautiful markets and beaches and alternative stores to fossick around in. It would be so incredible to have a mini break, we are all students and live in different states, a campervan holiday to reconnect would be our idea of heaven!

  85. I would love to drive off in any direction. As long as we are spending quality family time together I would be happy..I would love to watch my kids explore new and exciting things.i loved reading about your road trip, looked like you had lots of fun with your beautiful family..

  86. Being that it’s a 3 day trip – my dream would be to head south from South East Queensland and head into Northern NSW for a few days – taking in the sights around Brunswick Heads, Lennox Heads, Ballina, Byron Bay with a day trip into the hinterland to take in the beautiful countryside around Bangalow and explore all the wonders that are on offer in this beautiful area of NSW.

  87. I would have to decide between to trips, I would love to head out towards Dubbo and visit the zoo with my kids and husband, they would love touring around the zoo.
    But the I would also love to travel the north coast if NSW showing them places I visited as a child.
    Whichever one we decided the most important thing would we be together!

  88. We only live about 4 hours from the Great Ocean Road and my husband has never done it! Hard to get him away from the farm, but with this we would just have to do it! I road my bike along it as part of the Great Victorian Bike Ride about 20 years ago. Would love to see it again and experience it with the love of my life!

  89. Oh my, a road trip along the coast,
    With the one I love the most,
    From Melbourne to Adelaide,
    Running on coffee and gatorade,
    Adventures in our temporary abode,
    Along the Great Ocean Road!

  90. I would travel somewhere north of Sydney and along the coast…. Maybe somewhere just a maximum of 4 hours away so we could take our time getting there and back. My parents, keen campervanners, have recommended a camping site that I’d love to try with hubby and our baby son (will have to check exactly where with my parents). I haven’t travelled much of the north of Sydney and want to see some lovely places and hopefully slightly warmer weather =)

  91. I would love to explore the north west coast of Tasmania with my little family. It’s supposed to be rugged, lush and absolutely beautiful. I’ve lived in Tassie my whole life and never explored that part.

  92. We haven’t got many family holidays left as my eldest is nearly 17! He’s not going to want to do family holidays much longer… Lol So I would love to let him choose where we would go!

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