8 thoughts on “Fruit ice cubes: why haven’t we done this before?”

  1. I think that’s exactly WHY we didnt think of it before.The icecubemaker on the front of the fridge. This looks great, I’m going to make some orange ones today!

  2. It was the only way I could get my kids to eat fruit when they were little! lol. Stick a cocktail stick in it when you put it in the freezer and they have a “lolly”. In fact they used to eat ice cubes as “lollies” too – and that was a way of getting them to have plenty of “water” in the summer. As a special treat I used to make Vimto ice cube lollies for them. Frozen milk shakes with chunks of fruit were a favourite too. Nowadays I’d buy those craft lolly sticks and cut them in half, but they weren’t around when mine were littlies!
    And I’m jealous of your fridge. I’ve always wanted one too… when I had a kitchen big enough we couldn’t afford one. Now I don’t have a kitchen big enough! 😀 One day…. maybe?

  3. You could also do a lemon/water mix, berries (especially raspberries, but I love mulberries), and mint leaves! Watermelon and mint is a killer combo 🙂

    ETA that if you pour boiling water over some leaves you get a stronger flavour, then you can pop a fresh leaf into the cube for appearance’s sake, and boiled water makes fr a clearer ice cube when frozen!

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