Friday Night Party at Hollywood Studios

While I was busy learning new things and networking at the conference Hubby & Lacey had spent most of the day getting lost on the monorails, hanging out at Epcot and then chilling out at the pool, where I met them at the end of the conference.

We changed, donned our credentials and headed for the bus to a private party just for us bloggers {Social Media Moms} at the Hollywood Studios. The park was closed to the public, so to have the whole park to ourselves was a huge treat. We celebrated the launch of Disney Junior {just like Australia’s Playhouse Disney – it just had a makeover around a month ago in the States}.

The night was spent dancing, chatting with friends and eating delicious food, so basically a good time!

{Waiters greet us as we walk in with trays of drinks}

{The tables are set up beautifully again with flowers and colouring-in for the kids}

{The party is where the stunt show is usually held. Check out the colourful dancefloor!}

{Disney Junior}

{The DJ rocks it out as the guests keep arriving}

{The food was amazing – a kid’s buffet with cupcakes, chicken, macaroni cheese, salad & more, and the adult’s buffet was out of this world}

{The Neverland Pirates rock it out! I don’t know if we have ‘Jake & the Neverland Pirates’ in Oz yet, but the show is too cute… and the songs the pirates sing are pretty catchy!}

{Lacey loving it on the dancefloor – the girl LOVES to dance!}

{Lacey & I meeting Daisy Duck for a dance on the dancefloor – on a side note: how impressive are Hubby’s photo-taking skills!}

{Stars from Disney Junior got everyone dancing – oh yes!}

{Lacey in awe of Donald Duck}

{The DJ finishing the night with a big dance off!}

{Disney flew us back to our resort via Air Mickey… just kidding! We caught one of the buses behind the plane back to our resort}

{We arrived home to find a bag of Disney Junior goodies left in our room for us. Joy!}

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