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Five Lucky Christmas Gift Ideas

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Brought to you by Instant Scratch-Its.

When I turned 18 one of my favourite family friends gave me a card with an Instant Scratch-Its ticket in it. Now, you may think I’m odd {don’t worry, I do too!} but I get excited about scratchies. I think they’re the gift that gives twice. First when you receive it, and the second time when you win. On my 18th birthday, my friend gave me a card with lots of lovely words written inside and the scratchies… and I won! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I’m sure I got a lot of other gifts that I should probably remember from the milestone birthday, but I only remember the scratchie.

Almost twenty years on, I haven’t changed. I still love getting an Instant Scratch-Its ticket in a card. I dream about all the possibilities; the holidays I’ll take, the mansions I’ll buy or what I’ll do when I retire. I’m a head-in-the-clouds kinda girl. This Christmas Instant Scratch-Its has gone a little bit fancy – they’re a beautiful tiffany colour with shimmer. They’re the perfect gift when you’re not sure what to get someone, or when you want to spoil someone, or even when you think you’ve done all your shopping and you’ve forgotten someone and need to rush out and grab a last minute gift.

I got my craft on and had some fun creating these ideas for you, so you can spoil someone in your life. I hope they get lucky {and that they share if they do!}.

The perfect teacher gift. I’d never really thought about it until I had kids, but teachers really are THE best, aren’t they? Can you imagine taking care of up to 30 kids every day? This cute idea combines Instant Scratch-It tickets with some chocolate coins {they can by bought from your local supermarket – in Woolworths they’re right near the lollipops}. Pop them into a little gift bag, or stocking that you can pick up from your local cheap shop.

The cute Christmas tree. I love this idea. My mum received one of these last year, and I was a bit cranky that I hadn’t thought of it first {I like to think that I’m the best gift giver in the world 😜}. You can grab small Christmas trees from most supermarkets or cheap shops. This colourful version is from Typo. I just popped a hole in the corner and tied them to the branches.

The handmade wreath. I got my craft on and made this one . I simply cut a wreath out of green cardboard {just use two plates to get the right size}. I cut out the leaves from different coloured cardboard, and then stuck the Instant Scratch-Its tickets on using double sided tap. You could add more to really bulk it up. I finished it up with a red bow.

The cheeky bauble. This is another cute idea that I love a lot. Fill clear baubles {grab them at your local bargain store} with Instant Scratch-Its tickets. You can hang them from the tree and when guests come over, you can tell them to pick their present off the tree.

The generous gift tag. The $2 Instant Scratch-Its make the perfect gift tag. They come ready with a hole punched in them already, and can be easily tied to a gift to make it extra special.

Have you ever won on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket? I’d love to hear your scratchie story.


*Not all tickets are available in all parts of Australia, but check your local newsagent or lottery store for their offerings.

  • This is so awesome! I love gifting scratch-its but I’m not nearly as crafty or as creative as you, I usually just sneak them inside the Christmas/Birthday/Anytime card. I love all these ideas, especially the Christmas tree!

  • Erica

    I no longer do scratchies at Christmas. I’ll happily receive them, but I won’t give them out. Not for the last 8 years or so.
    I thought I’d be funny. I decided to buy joke scratchies from toys r us. They looked pretty good and I thought it would be a laugh…. only other person who knew was now hubby. I planned it so everyone would open and scratch theirs at the same time, and hubby and I would have them too to make it more realistic…… I generally am in charge of handing out presents so it all worked in my favour…. except that my brothers new girlfriend was spending Christmas with us too and she didn’t have as many presents as everyone else so she got her parcel with the scratchie earlier than planned…. well she started scratching and my bro was watching, then she got 2 things saying $100,000 and everyone else started watching…. me and hubby were casting laughing glances at each other joining in with the others excitement….. but I got nervous. It wasn’t funny if it was just my poor brothers girlfriend who won…. everyone needed to win all at once otherwise it was mean, but it was too far in to do anything…. she got so excited (as did the rest of the family) that she had actually won and won big…….. hubby likes to comment that she shoved it in her bag quick smart 😂😂 ….. but I couldn’t work out how to make them realise it was a joke. I just had to come clean, I tried getting others to scratch theirs, but it was too exciting, so I just fessed up. My now sil took it pretty well, the rest of the family just laughed but my brother was furious. I ended up in tears because he was so upset with me, and basically accusations were made that I ruined Christmas (which to me is unforgivable) it was horrible. It took me hours to get over it. And it still hits a nerve every year when it gets brought up usually because my mum still buys us all scratchies, so I’ve begged everyone to just leave it in the past. I don’t think it will ever stay there, and maybe one year I’ll be fine with it. But who knows.
    Anywho, moral of my story is I should never give out scratchies at Christmas ever to anyone.

  • Kylie Embury

    So many great ideas there thanks! I give my Mum and Step-Dad a scratchie Christmas tree each year as their advent calendar. I’m not too popular (yet) this year as is’t day 7 and only $2 so far…