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When Lacey was a baby, she was hard work. She didn’t sleep. I didn’t have enough milk. I was exhausted and felt like a zombie, empty milk machine. It was hard. I thought that was the hardest parenting could possibly get. I knew I just had to get through those early months, and then the rest would kinda be a cake walk. ?

And then we reached the tween age. When people used to tell me that these tween years were harder than the baby years, I used to scoff. HARD? I’ll show you hard, I thought, as I sported under-eye bags for days. It’s really like comparing apples and oranges though. I found the baby years physically exhausting, and I find these primary school age years mentally challenging. I worry more than I thought I ever would. I find myself trying to read between the lines, questioning things, and worrying for Lacey’s emotional well-being.

When I saw the results of a study Bupa put together, I tell you… I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t alone.  Many of us Aussie parents are worried about our kids. We’re busier than ever, and we’re concerned that we’re not spending enough quality time with our kids {46% of us think we don’t}. A lot of think we have to create structure or take grand holidays to make that quality time happen, but that’s not actually the case. Quality time can and does happen in the little moments. {Think back to your favourite moments with your own parents… I know mine were actually little moments, not big ones}.

So, I’m asking you to give yourself a break. We’re juggling more than ever before {most likely more than our parents did}, and giving ourselves a hard time doesn’t make things any better. You are an amazing mum {or dad!}. You don’t need to do BIG things to make a difference in your child’s life. You are already doing the right thing. Embrace the small moments. Really listen. Back yourself. Breathe.

And just to share how easy it is to embrace the little moments, here’s things that really matter for your kids. Psychologist, Dr Gordon Neufeld, says that most of all our kids just want to feel like we enjoy their company and they feel heard.


♥ Chat in the car on the way to and from school. You’ve got to love a captured audience! I find that Lacey chats best in the car, where she can’t get distracted by things and people. The drive is only ten minutes, but we can chat a lot in that short time.

♥ Snapchat rocks! This one sounds silly, and it is… but my kids love when I’m silly, they seem to really connect with it. We’ll check out the latest filters, take selfies and laugh at the silly-ness.

♥ Play the ‘favourite thing’ game. At the end of each day we ask each other what our favourite thing of the day is. It starts a conversation {usually over dinner} and gets things rolling. I love hearing the kids answers.

♥ Love bomb the kids. Lacey is at the age where one minute she wants to hold my hand, and the next she doesn’t really want to know I exist. She still needs affection and love. She’s less likely to ask for a cuddle, or even reach out for one now, so I just love bomb her. I cuddle her, and kinda smother her in love.

♥ Be spontaneous. Quite often I’m trying to get through work, and my to-do list is never-ending. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just stop and play. Whether it’s riding scooters, drawing or playing a game… it’s good to just stop and join in.

What about you? What’s your favourite way to embrace the little moments?