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  1. I absolutely love my local gym, it’s so great for mental health and gives me ‘me’ time and of course we all know the feel good factor is legit! I think sometimes it’s the gyms vibe itself that helps too. Hope you enjoy it, go girl!!

  2. My hubby (67) & I (60) have just joined the gym. He’s had 2 knee & 2 hip replacements & I’ve had both knees done. We’ve avoided stairs for years & although we are pool regulars, we’ve never been to a gym before. It is scary but we’re in week 4, we are doing our sessions 4 times a week & that includes the stair master (I refer to it as the death machine). Good luck. You are having a go. That’s what is important & the benefits are icing on your cake ?

  3. Way to go! I’m walking the same path and it was scary, but like ripping off a bandaid once it’s done it’s done and the pride you will feel is EVERYTHING x

  4. I started at the gym last year went everyday for 2 whole months now I go a couple times a week. Here is what take, and if your gonna be a true gym goer I advise you to do the same. Dr Dre wifi ear buds. A huge 2 litre water carrying devise preferably wifi enabled. A fit bit. Super tight really expensive leggings preferable in pink or purple, worn with a bra, followed by a carefully overplayed mesh tank. Matching trainers. 3 sweat bands one for head one on each wrist. Now the hair, this bit is really important double french braids or other similar type braided hair do – DO NOT under any circumstance put your hair in pony tail or you will be evicted before your first step on the treadmill. 3 protein bars, a protein shake in a stainless steel vessel with a stainless steel reusable straw. 2 tubes of aminos. 2 towels make sure they look expensive yet whimsical and carefree.
    Gymbag also expensive looking but windswept and interesting in nature. Have fun!

    • Oh my god. I am crying laughing. I read the whole thing seriously… and then thought I WILL NEVER SURVIVE and wondered who would write such things.

      And it was you. I didn’t realise. BEST COMMENT EVER.

      Will try to be whimsical while also looking effortless and I turn beetroot red and slowly die.

      I miss your funny ways! xx

      • Picture me in tight purple leggings and mesh . . . you’re gonna be fine! Now I must get back to work am very busy and important.

  5. .. good for you Chantelle.. xxxxx .. I’ve never been a gym goer so the only thing I would suggest is.. take water and wear comfortable clothes.. xxx … Barb xxxx

  6. Omg when I was a trainer I would love it when my clients brought me sweet treats!! Ha ha!! You’re too cute! This is going to be awesome for you! My only advice is to tell them you want 5mins+ partner stretching at the end. That’s what I’m willing to pay the big bucks for !

  7. I am so proud of you! Having a personal trainer is such a treat, kind of like a cake but more painful and without the calories. Oh, don’t forget to take water and a towel incase you get a tad sweaty. Someone once told me that sweat is fat crying and my fat likes to ball it’s eyes out in personal training. As for the cake, my personal trainer loves it. I hope yours does too. One last piece of advice, make sure your gym gear is round the right way. Once I did a workout with my top on back to front and another time, I did a whole training session with my pants on inside out. For realz! And you thought your automatic door story was embarrassing! LOL!

  8. I can totally relate to this. I just signed up to the gym last month – it was so daunting at first, looking like the newbie. Carrying around my program thinking could I not just memorise this so I look more pro?
    I don’t have a trainer but have a guy that checks on me every 4-6 weeks. Biggest tip is to just KEEP GOING. I need to tell myself this every week. Well done you!!

  9. Babe, just bring water and towel but most important of all bring your intentions.. remind yourself each time you feel like cancelling, driving back home, crying or saying ‘I can’t do any more’ (whether in your head or out loud) that you are doing this for you, for your kids, for your future and for your love of life.
    Being healthy and fit is not easy but it’s a gift once you have it as it can take a dull day and turn it bright.
    Being a strong and motivated woman is not easy but you already are and now you just need to apply that to your exercise.
    I always have this little affirmation I say as I approach a hill on a run (I hate hills) ‘Bring it On’ I used it in business too and sometimes in parenting but it started in my sports..

  10. Funny you should write this today. I have been walking and using a video workout since September and have lost 23 pounds. But I knew I needed something to rev up the workout and began looking around for gyms. Found one very close to home (could actually walk there if I wanted to) and decided to take advantage of the free pass. Of course, the day I went, I was full of self-loathing, but I mustered through, got the pass, and did an aerobics class. It about killed me. Very, very high impact, high energy, but a good workout nonetheless. I introduced myself to the instructor ahead of class and she told me a little bit about what to expect and someone even let me borrow an extra mat that they had brought to class. I was extremely sore the next day, but in a good way. I decided to go again a couple of days later to try a sculpting class (more my speed, for now) and the instructor from the aerobics class remembered me by name (that was a pleasant surprise). I have had a couple of pleasant conversations with a few other people there, including the sculpting instructor who encouraged me to keep coming. I feel much more at ease than the first day I walked in. I will be signing up to join tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Hi Chantelle, I joined 28 by Sam wood on line program in October last year and haven’t looked back. I used to go to the gym 5 days a week and eat what I thought was a healthy diet with no results at all. Now I can work out at home in my pjs for only, wait for it 28 minutes a day. You get mindfulness audios and meditation to listen to (this helps a lot in changing your mindset) the work out videos are for MON – FRI, weekends are yours to choose any active activity you like, I choose riding and best of all someone does all the hard work of macro, calorie, fat counting for you and sends you recipes for the week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Snacks. I cant rave about this program enough. 5 month totals saw me lose 45.5cm and 15.5kilos and 3 pant sizes. I went out on the weekend in a tight black dress and loved my new toner figure. Still have 25 kilos to go but man, best lifestyle change I have ever made. Good luck in your new fitness journey xxx

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