46 thoughts on “Doing that thing that scares me most”

  1. I thought you spoke really well, Chantelle, your session was great! Sorry I didn’t get the chance to come and say hi! Next time. xx

  2. You spoke beautifully from the heart and with passion – what a fantastic session. It was so wonderful to spend time with you – I seriously felt like I was on a school camp again!! Thank you for your honesty and kindness xx

  3. This is so timely – thank you. I freeze/panic/lose sleep
    over the thought of speaking in public (even to a small group)

    But just said yes to an opportunity that I am forcing myself
    to do because I know that I need to grow, evolve and embrace the fear.

    Thanks for showing me that I can suffer from a few moments
    of sweaty palms, pounding heart rate and shaking voice and it will all be worth
    it! J

  4. two words. Rescue remedy. I dont know if it actually works but I tell myself it does and rely solely on its magical powers. Life does start at the end of your comfort zone x

  5. My 9 yr old son is preparing a speech for an assignment that is due this week, he is so nervous and doesn’t want to get up in front of his class, I thought of you. I’m sure you were amazing Chantelle 🙂

  6. It was so lovely to finally meet you Telle, and you did a beautiful job. You were friendly, professional and passionate- the perfect combo xx

  7. You can be proud of yourself Chantelle, I know what that panic,scared feeling is like and mine is for getting on planes. So you have done that and spoken in front of a crowd. Well done and I am glad you managed to do it and survive and enjoy :))

  8. Well done! I absolutely detest public speaking and admire anyone that can do it without the warble in your voice being a huge giveaway of the nervousness.
    You however should be so proud and chuffed with yourself!

  9. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Look at you GOOOO!!

    So bloody pleased to read this Chantelle. Was thinking of you on the day.

    xo em

  10. It’s remarkable what we can do when we allow ourselves to stretch. I went through a similar experience back in May when I had to give a presentation to my editing class on memoirs. I prepared like a mad woman and although I was nervous and sweaty speaking in front of an audience of peers, I actually got a HD for it. The difference was in the preparation, and being able to speak to a subject which I’m passionate about. Knowing your subject inside out makes all the difference. Go you!

  11. Some people fear public speaking as much as death. In my experience a little preparation goes a long way. Sounds like you nailed it.

  12. Thanks for the lovely words Chantelle. You have so much knowledge on blogging and social media and can convey it in a way people can understand. Looking forward to hearing you speak again very soon – I know others will want you at their events too!

  13. I went to PB event – wish I had met you – wanted to thank you for the photo a day concept and sharing so beautifully – I’m inspired by you. Cheers liz from Lastchancetraining

  14. The things we do to ourselves eh? Well done you for pushing through it. When you are speaking about something you are passionate about you end up forgetting about how your feeling and get wrapped up in the passion. That is a brilliant feeling. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  15. Well done Lovely! Its actually an amzaing feeling the high you get after speaking in public and I had forgotten about that feeling until you reminded me! I used to be so great at public speaking and really enjoyed it! But after so much anxiety it went away and slowly I am getting my groove back, and its actually from reading inspiring things like this! Iggy tells me to “Be Brave” and you certainly were! Great work! xx

  16. I love this. This, to me, looks like a big fat opening door!! This feels like the beginning of something big. Do you get that feeling too? There will be no stopping you now lovely. No stopping you at all.

    SO awesome to catch up. xox

  17. Oh I wish I was there! Good work, public speaking is really terrifying. I heard you were great. There is nothing like pushing your limits.

  18. it used to terrify me too, but I’m used to it now 🙂 I was worried you’d be terrified, but from all accounts you rocked it! Well done, you. Can’t wait to see you speak next time!

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