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DIY // Personalised Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments


Craft For Kids // Personalised Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments


Today I’m bringing you something really beautiful and fun, and something that will keep the kids entertained in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a beautiful craft for kids using things you may just already have at home! I would love to take the credit for these, but I simply can’t. Magdalena from Unleash Creative has put together this tutorial for personalised faux metal Christmas ornaments. They’re so sweet, don’t you think?

Craft For Kids: Personalised Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments

What you’ll need:

Thick cardboard (such as an old packing box) – think sturdy
Alphabet pasta
Craft glue
Spray paint
1/16” hole punch or a thick needle
Cotton thread, twine or embroidery floss in complimentary colour
Acrylic paint (optional)

Craft For Kids // Personalised Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments

The how-to:

? Draw your shape onto a piece of cardboard using a marker. Don’t use a pencil or pen as it will leave indentations in the cardboard.
? Cut out your shape. The side which you draw onto, will become the back of your ornament. You can create any shape you like such as a star, hear, circle, bell, Christmas tree. Then punch any decorative holes around the edges as well as wherever you’ll be attaching your string from.
? Work out your word spacing using the alphabet pasta alphabet. Measure how long each word is and draw a line onto your shape spacing and centring each one within the space in the shape. Attach your alphabet pasta to your cardboard shape using a firm-hold all-purpose craft glue. You may need tweezers for this part as the letters are quite small and once you add glue it can become a little tricy to get the placement right with your fingers. Leave to thoroughly dry.
? Spray the front of your ornament with your chosen colour of spray paint. Depending on the finish and brand of spray-paint you might need up to 3 coats of spray paint. Leave to dry in between each coat carefully following manufacturers instructions. Don’t forget to do the back too!
? Stitch into your decorative holes around the edges using either backstitch or blanket stitch. For added impact you can apply a little acrylic paint to the raised parts of your letters and lithely wipe across the letters to give it an authentic distressed metal look.

Craft For Kids // Personalised Faux Metal Christmas Ornaments

Have fun and enjoy getting crafty!