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Cool Ways To Volunteer & Make A Difference

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Over the past two years I’ve dipped my toe into volunteering. It’s something I’ve always promised myself to do, but I put it on the one day list because I was busy making babies, working and you know, just life. Then I realised that it doesn’t actually require a huge commitment and can be something that I can slot into my life, and spend more time when I have more spare time. And selfishly, it’s an amazing feeling. Sure, it’s emotional and heavy at times, but for the most part it’s pretty awesome.

And it doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can just spread more kindness as you go about your day, and help people when they look like they need help. Even just that makes a different. Volunteering in a more formal format can be done too, so I’ve shared some ideas that might help. Try one. Or two.

Help the homeless

Your local area will have different organisations to help the homeless people in your area, it probably takes a little bit of searching and asking around. I know there’s a great group called Orange Sky who turn up and wash clothes for the homeless. In our area we also have the You Have A Friend group who regularly feed our homeless community hot meals. You can find your local group and find out how you can help too.

Have a cuppa

A lot of elderly people just need someone to pop in and check in on them, and keep them company. You’ll likely need to have had a police check and a working with children check, but once you have that sorted you can pop over and help out someone who needs a little company. Search in your local area for community visitor opportunities.

Play Santa for The Smith Family

Last year my sister and I helped out The Smith Family by delivering gifts to families in need. It was really rewarding, and we had a really special experience {I won’t share here because it’s personal to one particular family we visited}. You can donate books or toys, pack gifts, deliver gifts and other ways that help out. I strongly recommend getting involved.

Send a letter!

You can send a little happy mail to children who’ve hard a tough life. The kids at Rafiki Mwema love getting little letters, pictures and stickers in the mail. You can find out more here.

Empower kids in need

This is something that I’ll be doing once Lulu goes to big school. You can share the skills you have, and empower teens by helping out through The Smith Family. This can take the shape of a weekly phone call or Skype session as a mentor or tutor, or however The Smith Family feels you can help out. You can see more details here.

Have your dog help out

Some schools like to have you come to the school and bring your dog so that the kids can read to them. Sounds super cute, doesn’t it? Search your local area for dog team opportunities.

The challenge this week for the Make Life Good challenge is volunteer your time to a good cause. I’d love to know if have an idea on how people can volunteer, or if you think you’d like to try one of the ideas above.

What’s the Make Life Good Challenge? It’s a collaboration between Fat Mum Slim and Bupa to make life better, healthier and happier. Over the year we’ll tackle 52 easy challenges to make life more awesome. Read more about the challenge here, and join us on Facebook here {we’ve got an amazing, inspiring and supportive group!}.