Cookies in a jar: Choc-chip and Cranberry, Coconut & Spelt

Hello you. Today I’ve got another treat from my friend Erin. I am totally making these sweet cookies in a jar. Erin sent me one for Christmas and we made one giant cookie, and it was awesome. I suggest you do the same.Cookies in a Jar Two Ways / Yum!

I think we can all agree that Easter chocolate tastes so much better than regular chocolate. In my opinion, there is no comparison between those tiny, solid eggs and regular old chocolate squares. Don’t even get me started on Cadbury Crème Eggs. Heaven.

However, I may be alone in saying this, but by Good Friday I am usually done with the Easter chocolate. Especially since eggs, bunnies and Hot Cross Buns are hitting the shelves in JANUARY.

This got me thinking about alternative Easter gifts to avoid the sugar overload before the day arrives. So here I have Cookies in a Jar Two Ways. Classic chocolate chip and a wholesome Spelt, Coconut and Cranberry Cookie, perfect for the non-chocolate eaters you know. If they even exist.

Cookies in a Jar Two Ways / Yum!

I’ve included the whole recipe for each jar below and some labels for you to print. I printed them onto adhesive paper and stuck them on but you could totally make a two-sided tag.

Cookies in a Jar Two Ways / Yum!

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′]Cookies in a Jar Two Ways / Yum!

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]Grab the printable labels here: Choc-chop cookies front & back | Cranberry, coconut cookie front & back

9 thoughts on “Cookies in a jar: Choc-chip and Cranberry, Coconut & Spelt”

  1. I love this concept – the whole ingredients in a jar thing. I would love to make some up as a gift. Where did you get your jars from?

  2. Yum! Not even just easter, these would be fab for some of my new mama friends. Lactation cookie jars, ha! 🙂

  3. Erin, these cookies are the bomb! Awesome and fluffy like a cookie should be! It made 13 cookies for me using the pampered chef medium cookie scoop. 🙂 is there anyway you can make a cute label without Easter so I can use them all year round? Also, pasta jars cleaned work great for this as long as the jars are 500 grams!

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