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Celebs on Instagram: 100 famous people you should follow

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The world of being a celeb has changed, as has the world of idolising celebs. They’ve always seemed like unattainable personalities that we’d only ever see on TV or in magazines, usually polished and perfect. Enter social media.

First they dabbled on Twitter. Remember when Ashton posted the picture of a half-naked Demi Moore? We were seeing and reading real thoughts and pictures, not just perfected poise from their reps. And now there is Instagram. Words are one thing, pictures are another. We love the pictures! I scoured loads of celebrity Instagram accounts over the past few weeks. Some were yawn-worthy, with the celebs clearly hiring a team of experts to man the account. We don’t want polished. Oh no. We want real. We want to know what they ate, what they wear in their downtime. We can buy a magazine if we want to see perfect. We can watch their TV show if we want to see them performing. We want to see the real them. Well I do anyway.

I’ve gathered the 100 celebrity Instagram accounts that are worth following. 


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If you were a teen in the 90s you might remember Brandy the singer, who also had her own TV show. Her Instagram feed is full to the brim of selfies.
Follow: @4everbrandy

And for those that asked, here’s a looooooong list:

1. Cash Warren : @cash_warren
2. Darren Criss : @darrencriss
3. Abbie Cornish : @abbiecornish
4. Alex Perry : @alexperry007
5. Alexa Chung : @alexachung_
6. Alicia Keys : @aliciakeys
7. Rihanna : @badgalriri
8. Barack Obama : @barackobama
9. Benji Madden : @benjaminmadden
10. Guy Sebastian : @guysebastian
11. Mary J Blige : @brooklennblige
12. Usher : @howuseeit
13. Chelsea Handler : @chelseahandler
14. Christy Turlington : @cturlington
15. Delta Goodrem : @deltagoodrem
16. Britney Spears : @bspears
17. Jools Oliver : @joolsoliver
18. Brandy : @4everbrandy
19. Ashley Tisdale : @ashleytis
20. Emma Roberts : @emmaroberts6
21. 50 Cent : @50cent
22. Emmy Rossum : @emmyrossum
23. Dakota Fanning : @fanningdakota
24. Foo Fighters : @foofighters
25. Ginny Goodwin : @ginnygoodwin
26. Hamish and Andy : @hamishandandy
27. Chris Hemsworth : @chrishemsworth
28. Harry Styles : @harrystyles
29. Cary Hart : @hartluck
30. Sean John Combs : @iamdiddy
31. Rove McManus : @instarove
32. Ludacris : @itsludacris
33. Ivanka Trump : @ivankatrump
34. Joel Madden : @joelmadden
35. Cody Simpson : @codysimpson
36. DJ Pauly D : @djpaulyd
37. Jaime King : @jaime_king
38. Jamie Oliver : @jamieoliver
39. Kelly Slater : @kellyslater
40. Jennifer Hawkins : @jenhawkins_
41. Jesse Tyler : @jessetyler
42. Kim Kardashian : @kimkardashian
43. Jessica Alba : @jessicalba
44. Jimmy Fallon : @jimmyfallon
45. John Stamos : @jockostamps
46. Jodi Gordon : @jodigordon
47. Josh Kelley : @joshbkelley
48. Justin Bieber : @justinbieber
49. Karis Eden : @kariseden
50. Kathy Griffin : @kathygriffin
51. Kelly Osbourne : @kellyosbourne
52. Kourtney Kardashian : @kourtneykardash
53. Kyle Richards : @kylerichards18
54. Kylie Minogue : @kylieminogue
55. Lady Gaga : @ladygaga
56. Lauren Conrad : @laurenconrad
57. Liam Hemsworth : @liamhemsworth_
58. Jenna Ushkowitz : @jennaushkowitz
59. Lindsay Lohan : @lindsaylohan
60. Lisa {The Veronicas} : @lisa_veronica
61. Lisa Wilkinson : @lisa_wilkinson
62. Jordin Sparks : @jspeezy22
63. MC Hammer : @mchammer
64. Lara Bingle : @larabingle
65. Melissa Doyle : @melissadoyle7
66. Katie Couric: @katiecouric
67. Sarah De Bono : @sarahdebono
68. Kevin McHale : @kevinmchale
69. Tyra Banks : @tyranbanks
70. Miranda Kerr : @mirandakerryverified
71. Zooey Deschanel : @zooeydeschanel
72. Brad Goreski : @mrbradgoreski
73. Charlotte Dawson : @mscharlotted
74. Lea Michele : @msleamichele
75. Taylor Swift : @taylorswift
76. Ke$ha : @mynameiskesha
77. Natalie Bassingthwaighte : @natbassingthwaighte
78. Oprah Winfrey : @oprahwinfrey
79. Peaches Geldof : @peachesgeldof
80. Rachel Zoe : @rachelzoe
81. Ruby Rose : @rubyrose86
82. P!nk : @pink
83. Ryan Gosling : @ryan_gosling
84. Ryan Seacrest : @ryanseacrest
85. Samantha Ronson : @samantharonson
86: Ashton Kutcher : @mrkatalyst
87. Paul Walker : sea_walker
88. Snoop Dogg : @snoopdogg
89. Rumer Willis: @ruelarue
90. Stacy Keibler : @stacykeibler
91. Ricki Lee : @therickilee
92. Tony Hawk : @tonyhawk
93. Tori Spelling : @torianddean
94. Erin McNaught : @mcnaughty
95. Bob Harper : @trainerbob
96. Vanessa Williams : @vwofficial
97. Zac Efron : @zefron
98. Mark Zuckerberg : @zuck
99. Matt Moran : @mattjmoran
100. Ben Watts : @wattsupphoto

Which did you like best? And who would you like to see on Instagram? I’d love to see Kate Middleton or Angelina. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


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  • awesome post Chantelle – quite impressed I had a few of those but now I have many more! thankyou

  • Rainey Shafer

    I would love to see Katy Perry! I would totally follow her. She is SO Much fun!

  • msbutton

    thank you so much!! I love my celebrity gossip mags and personally I love love love chris hemsworth – swoooooooon!

  • Just wish you’d posted this as a list or map type post instead of a 100 picture slideshow. I had to push myself to get through 20 slow loading pics before I gave up. Hope there were no gems in the back!

    • Your wish is my command. πŸ™‚ I’ll put them into a list this week – I get home tonight. x

      • Thanks as I only made it through 12…sigh. We are so instant gratification.

      • I’m with this thank you πŸ™‚ I got to number 5 on my iPhone then decided to try my computer but I’m still stuck with Darren Criss πŸ™ I love the post idea though πŸ™‚ Thank you

      • Jenn

        YES! Agree. Thanks so much. Will wait for the list. πŸ™‚

  • Catherine

    Instagram is on my to do list for Wednesday night. I can hardly believe I haven’t worked it out already, but there you go. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Love the Slideshow, gives me an idea of thew kind of things these celebs post πŸ™‚ great work x

  • Jay St John

    Loved this Chantelle! Thanks for putting it together!

  • shoppegirls

    Thankyou Chantelle I have added a few of my faves.

  • YAY! I love Celebrity Instagrams!!

  • You must have put a lot of work into this. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    I think my fave is Oprah, and maybe Rihanna. Seems like there might be more than meets the eye with that girl.

  • Erin

    I would love to see Mariska Hartigay or any cast from Law and Order: SVU!

  • roxtheworld07

    How do you do the slideshow?

  • jenniferaross

    Popsugar also did a list like this, but you have some people they didn’t. I’d want to see Kate Middleton and Liam Hemsworth on instagram!

    • jennifaross

      thanks for sharing! xo

    • Rochi

      Liam Hemsworth is on the list: @liamhemsworth_

      • Secret love

        That’s not in anymore

  • Lyndsey

    It’s @zooeydeschanel * πŸ™‚

  • amy

    Ke$ha must have 2 instagram accounts? i follow her at @iswhoiis. It is also legit.

  • Wow! What a list! Thanks for all the hard work β™₯

    • oohh, you have an extra ‘h’ in Follow: @zooeydeschanel

  • Fiona K

    Barack obama’s feed says it is run by a campaign team… I’m still going to follow! Great list, love you on IG & #photoaday


    i made it through 100, but had to keep clicking while some were loading.

  • msozy2k10

    I gave up at 60… I appreciate the effort but the slideshow was a bummer.

  • So I just clicked through until I arrived at Chris Hemsworth. Swoon. Thanks for compiling this- quite the feat!

  • Michelle K

    Thanks for putting this together, must have taken aaaages! I’m
    excited to follow the Hemsworth boys and Ginnifer Goodwin πŸ˜€

    I loved Jessica Alba’s photo the other day of her mountain of dirty dishes, made me feel good about my kitchen, lol

  • Jenni C

    I seriously clicked thorugh 28 photos even though I have no time just to see what you wrote about Harry Styles πŸ˜‰

  • Tiia

    I could maybe follow Foo Fighters from this list, but otherwise I’m not really interested in seeing the celebs lives on instagram.. that said, I do follow a few: 30 Seconds to Mars post photos from studio (and thanks to Tomo from 30STM I got to know about your photoaday challenge, he did it too!). Nikki Sixx from MΓΆtley CrΓΌe, I like his photography and his instagram account shows the life on the road. Paramore, they post photos from studio and on the road, and also a lot of photos with their fans, which I think is nice.

  • Adhi Aryawan

    that’s really huge list Chantelle :O… I think you need to check this out

  • Nisse11222

    where is Will Smith?

  • Ashley

    id like to see Selena Gomez!!

    • justpoppinby

      she is on instagram! selgom1 is her name she is active too

      • kate

        its actually @.selenagomez

  • Banksy2samuel



  • Watsonator

    I wish emma watson had instagram. Do you know anyone from the harry potter cast who have instagram??

    • Cristina Marino

      I’m not 100% sure but I think these are:
      1. Oliver Phelps: oliver_phelps
      2. Bonnie Wright: thisisbwright
      3. Evanna Lynch: msevylynch
      4. Katie Leung: _katieleung_
      5. Tom Felton: T22FELTON

  • emily

    what about niall horan

  • mrs.adm

    Atticus Dean Mitchell from The Colony has one as well. His is @atticusrose

    • mrs.adm

      He is also from My Babysitter’s a Vampire and Radio Rebel for you Disney Fans

  • Raks

    Emma Watson

  • Razmaie

    Katy perry has heaps 1 of them is official__katy__perry

  • Hunter

    I want Dakota Johnson!!! :/

  • nia lankford

    Thanks for Harry’s account

  • Iesha Smith

    Follow me on instagram @ tweety_the_1_n_only
    N I follow u back but I hate ghost followers ms kik me @ IeshaTewcute

  • Chris

    Good post! But Peaches!??

  • Azel

    Rihanna is back @badgalririreturn

  • Tony

    @hal9031 brad pitt

  • top! @gwpstyle