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BLOGversation: What’s your most popular blog post?

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Sometimes you write a post and you just know that it’s going to resonate with people, and that it’ll be well received. And sometimes you’re wrong. And then there are times when you write a post, and as you click ‘publish’ you wonder whether it’s really worthy of being published at all… and it ends up being super popular and well-read by everyone. Go figure!

My Photo A Day challenge lists posts are always quite popular, but this post I wrote last year in June about a man I met on a flight has to be one that connected with people. It’s one of my most favourite posts that I’ve written as well. It’s the one that people will talk to me about most too. You can read it here: Up In The Air Encounters.

I’d love to know what you think your most popular post might have been? {Just one!}. Leave a link below in the comments, and perhaps share why you thought it was popular? Did you share it differently on social media, or was it the content of the blog post that connected with people? Do tell!