8 things I’ve discovered on my Great Barrier Reef trip


We’re sitting in our second {and last} blogging workshop in a tree-top type room in the Silky Oaks lodge, the river running beside us and the rainforest around us. Here’s what I learnt yesterday:


1. Banana Twinkies are the bomb.com
Last night we went to Palm Cove for dinner. It was a five course menu at a restaurant named Nu Nu. We had people playing Ukeles as we ate. As you do. For dessert we had roast banana souffle, with sorbet and something called a banana twinkie. I have no idea what it officially was, but it was some sort of banana cake filled with cream cheese frosting. Amazing.

2. When on holiday, eat what you please
And that means chocolate right before bed {even after brushing one’s teeth} and exploring new foods. Last night I ate jellyfish and duck for the first time.

3. Next time I’m squeezing Hubby into my luggage
The bunch of bloggers I’m traveling with are seriously the best group possible. It’s a big love fest. But I do miss Hubby and Lacey and I know that Hubby would love the stuff we’ve been doing, particularly feeding the fish and a flying in a helicopter. One day we’ll do it again.

4. Sharks have two penises
Yesterday afternoon we landed on a little cay {just a teeny piece of sand that often goes underwater} and had a brilliant marine biologist named Richard along with us. We were chatting about all things ocean and animals when one of our gang spotted a ‘turtle’ in the water nearby. Turns out it wasn’t a turtle but two sharks ‘getting it on’. Richard grabbed the male shark, showed off his set of penises {or peni}. Awesome moment.

5. Public weigh-ins are never fun
In order to fly in the little helicopter we had to step on the scales in the middle of the island in front of my fellow bloggers. Not fun. But totally worth it for the helicopter. I may have had a tantrum in my head.

6. I might want to work for Tourism Queensland
We’re traveling with 5 of the crew from Tourism Queensland and they might just have the best jobs in the world. It’s definitely still work, but how fun is that work?

7. Bloggers are big business
I feel like the little fish in this big blogging pond. My fellow bloggers are mostly full-time bloggers earning money from what they do. Some even have teams and assistants, and perhaps fancy cars {who knows!}. I’m so inspired and in awe.

8. This part of the world is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen
There have been handfuls of times that I’ve stood in one spot, mouth agape at how deliciously beautiful everything is. The sand is so white, the water so clear and aqua at the same time. Photos don’t do it justice.

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  1. Wow it sounds like you are having a fab time! I am sure that before you know it you too will be blogging full-time! I am sure of it. I know I dream of the day where that might be a possibility…

    As for the penii: ewwww!

  2. You're in my neck of the woods now. We went to Silky Oaks Lodge for my friend's 40th in February. I hope you'll have some time to have some pampering done, because that is definitely what I want to do the next time I visit! So glad you're enjoying your visit, Chantelle. 🙂

  3. Loving following your trip but I have an urgent question – how did you get to printsgram to work in the past 24 hours?? I am new to it and can't get past the choose your title section it is frozen…. or is there a trick.
    Sorry to bother you on your holiday x

  4. Oh my god that is so fabulous. I am so envious, but loving your photos on instagram.
    I have also been seeing simplymom on IG and love seeing both your interpretations. I love that you are feeling like a little fish in the bloggy pond! I find that very reassuring and I suspect that makes me a single cell amoeba in the little puddle by the pond 🙂 Look forward to the next update!

  5. Ooh I secretly {or not so secretly} jealous!!! your photos are awesome on Instagram!
    I was up in Cairns & Port Douglas a few weeks ago….but due to carppy weather & traveling solo parent-style with a 6month old & 4yr old, I didn't get a chance to relax at the beach, see the sights or get to the reef! But with my 30th happening in a couple of months, I'm thinking a getaway with Hubby back up North might be the perfect way to rock in my 30's??!!!
    Keep enjoying the break from routine & soak up all that inspiration from your co-bloggers! I'd love to be a fly on the wall there 🙂

  6. Can you post some non-instagram photos? It ruins the colours and makes everything look post apocalyptic. You talk about the beautiful colours, but it's hard to tell when everything's (ugh) orange and teal.

    • In my opinion these pictures have captured the area where Chantelle & her fellow bloggers are visiting. They highlight what an awesome & wondrous place this is. The whole area is my favourite place to relax & enjoy a spectacularly beautiful piece of my country, Australia. Thanks Chantelle… Hard to completely capture the awesome beauty but you've come so close. Denyse x

    • There's nothing in nature that is those colours. How can she talk about the beautiful colours but not show anything close to reality? As I said before, everything looks post-apocalyptic.

      I truly hate Instagram.

  7. I am having serious tropical envy. And I'm trying to imagine how two sharks can be mistaken for a turtle, I just can't quite picture it…

    If you are a little fish in a big blogging pond, then I am whatever the plankton feeds on. Just keep swimming, little fish, you'll be swimming with the big fish before you know it.

  8. May be after this trip your blogging also will become more a business then just blogging 🙂
    Can you share more what you are learning at season with Daren ?

  9. Definite envy happening. Polynesian Princess was 'made' in Townsville and then Little Warrior was 'made' in Port Douglas. And we live in Brisbane. There's something about the Far North. I hope you get to Nautilus restaurant in Port Douglas – it's just divine. Enjoy your stay – I'm booking my tix in my mind as I type! xx


  10. a blogger meet-up to the great barrier reef?! so jealous of you aussie bloggers!

    p.s. the shark thing totally made me LOL

  11. Love the blue in the photos…ah heavenly. Yeah, um totally weird about the sharks and in my little blogging world, you're a pretty big deal. I look to you for tips, reminders to be the best I can be. So there's that too.

  12. I was just in Port Douglas on holiday with a family I nanny from Sydney as well. I went on the Reef Sprinter on Friday to the Low Isles and heard (and obviously saw) the bloggers that were on board but never caught the names of the blogs that the girls were writing for! I just googled it to see if I could find it and you were one of the girls! I follow you on Pinterest!! Just thought I'd come say hello 🙂

  13. Sounds like an awesome adventure.
    Helicopter ride is on the bucket list. 🙂
    I eat when I please all the time but I don't have kids yet and don't have to set any kind of example.
    I still remember scuba diviing on the great barrier reef when I was 16. Doing that again is on the bucket list too.

  14. The photos themselves are amazingly beautiful, I can only imagine what the scenery and sights look like in person! Sounds (and looks) like such a great time!

  15. Sounds like you had a great holiday and learned a lot, too. That's the best kind of trip.

    I so want to visit your part of the world some day!

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