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6 things I did on the weekend & 1 thing I totally didn’t.

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One: You might have read this little something going around on Facebook. Bill Gates recently gave a speech to high school kids about 11 things they won’t learn at school. I wish someone had rocked up when I was 16 or so and told me the same. Things like, “Life is not fair, get used to it.” Read them here.

Two: I hate having my photo taken. When I told Lacey on Friday that while she was at school a man would be coming to take my photo for the paper, she exclaimed, “WHATTT??!!?? But you don’t like getting your photo taken!” And she’s right. I did an interview for the paper here because I thought it was helping someone out. The journalist quoted me as saying things I actually didn’t even say. Nothing major, just annoying. A lesson learnt there.

Three: If you’re a ‘liker’ of my Facebook page you might remember that I recently talked about cleaning and just how constant it is. Because, isn’t it? Someone people are regular little energisers who can maintain their houses in a spic and span state every day, and others do it whenever it gets so bad they can’t stand it. Inspired, I did a big clean last week and maintained for a whole week. Mundane? Yes. But one of my best achievements. I think I’m officially an adult.

Four: I took Lacey to watch Alladdin at the movies. I remember going as a kid with my Ma and siblings to watch it. We didn’t regularly go to the movies, so that was kinda a special memory. I rocked up to the cinema just 5 minutes before it started, thinking that I live in the country now and it wouldn’t be busy. Wrong. I was freaking out that they would sell out of tickets before we got to the counter, but we ended up scoring some of the very last seats {right up the back in the corner}. And it was as good as I remember. I also may have got teary.

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Five: I tried to make a chocolate fudge cake. And failed.

Six: I did the grocery shopping alone. Early Sunday morning, Hubby was sleeping off night shift, I left Lacey with Gaga and I did the shopping. So mundane, but so relaxing when you do it alone.

And that thing I didn’t do? Usually over the weekend I steal a few moments to take some creative time to write a blog post or two for the week ahead. It’s the best time to do it because there are no emails coming in and no phone calls to take. But this weekend I didn’t. So instead, you get this.

What’s one thing you did over the weekend?