22 thoughts on “5 easy-peasy ways to get your blog fix {now that Google Reader has died & gone to heaven}”

  1. I’ve decided on feedly as I found bloglovin’ a bit ‘tabloid’y and very much seems geared towards fashion blogs…

  2. I just ‘follow’ a blog and it shows up on Blogger when there is a new post. It takes me to the website, but I like that. When I read blogs in reader I didn’t like that I didn’t see the actual blog page and design. I guess I never really understood the appeal of Google reader.

  3. I use REEDER – a mac, iPhone and iPad app – makes things look pretty! Feedly is useful too. I might have to check out Bloglovin’, in all that spare time I have!

  4. I’ve been using Feedreader for about 12 months now and I do love it. Only thing I hae found is it can b a little slow getting feeds – like I’ve had posts show up a couple of days after they were posted, not a real biggie though

  5. I”ve switched to Bloglovin’s since news of Google Reader’s demise came out. i find that I am missing posts from the previous month but that’s okay…

  6. Hey thanks – worthwhile read. Used to be right into Google reader, but mostly for work and uni. I’ve only just started to get back into blog reading again (this time purely for fun) the past few months – mostly via Facebook.

  7. I’ve just started using Feedly and I much prefer it – really visual and pretty funky, like technological eye candy. I still haven’t worked out how to mark the read posts as read, which makes for a never ending reading list! I like to cover all my bases so also use facebook, and of course, subscribe to the blogs I like the best! That way, I’m always in the loop!

  8. I use bloglovin, feedly’s app is buggy and often stops half way through the list then hides the posts in categories I didn’t ever set.

  9. I use bloglovin because it popped up and said ‘Google Reader is closing, import your reading list to us today!’ and so I did, and so that’s why I’m using it LOL

  10. I’m not a huge fan of blog lovin’ even though everyone is going on about it. I’m using ‘The old reader’ which is very much a replica of google reader and that makes me happy. [can you tell I’m not a fan of change]

  11. I’ve been using Bloglovin for a while and while it took me a while to get used to I love the fact that It clears the blogposts I’ve read off the feed and leaves the blogposts I haven’t read yet. Also if I want to read just specific blogs on certain days I also have the option to do so. It’s great!

  12. I love Feedblitz! I get every blog post each day in one e-mail of the blogs I follow. Super easy and I like that I don’t have to “visit” all the links to read each one but can click to visit and leave a comment if I want.

  13. Loving Feedly…took me awhile to get my head around navigating in different ways in the apps vs. the website version…but I like that you can customize it in terms of colours…I’ve gone with the mint green 🙂 Having said that, I also migrated to Bloglovin’ as well…I use that for blog posts I prefer to have emailed to me. Will miss Google Reader though…that’s how my blog addiction began!

  14. I’ve gone with Feedly, but don’t like that my comments don’t work through that avenue. I have a blogroll on my blog, and guess what? That’s what I use the most!

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