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5 easy-peasy ways to get your blog fix {now that Google Reader has died & gone to heaven}

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There are so many read-worthy blogs out there in the world, aren’t there? I used to be addicted and spend hours each day reading them… until Lacey grew up and demanded more of my attention and I just didn’t have time. Back then when I used to read lots of blogs, it was through Google Reader. It was a streamlined way to get all my favourite blogs in one place, so I didn’t have to click over to each site individually. But on July 1st Google Reader will be no more, so it’s time to find a new way to stay in touch with all your favourite blogs. Here’s 5 ways I think work well to do just that:

1. bloglovin’

bloglovin’ has been around a long time, but I’ve kinda ignored it. For that, I am deeply sorry. Or just shallowly sorry. I have since discovered it, loved it and am now using it. So briefly, here’s how it works: You head on over, create an account and start following all the blogs you love, as well as discovering new blogs. So when you have a spare moment you can then go through and read the latest posts from all of your favourite blogs. It’s like reading a magazine, all your favourite blogs in the one place. Sweet, right? And if you feel like leaving a comment to a blog post, just click over to the blog.

Also, each night I get an email with the posts from my favourite blogs so I can read it there, OR they have an app… so you can get your blog fix at night, in bed, on your phone or tablet before you head off to the land of nod. You can follow my blog there, by clicking here.

Lastly, if you’re a Google Reader user, you can just import your blog feeds from there and start following them there on bloglovin’ instead {the option is in the drop-down menu once you have an account}.

2. Facebook

This is the way that I’ve been reading blogs for the past few years now. It’s more of an organic approach. I follow the Facebook pages of the blogs I adore, and if they link to a blog post that I think I’ll like to read… I click the link, read, comment, share it {if I love it}. It also means I get to engage with the blogger more, which I think is kinda fun too.

Although, the downfall is that with the way Facebook works, sometimes you miss things. Like I’m sure some of my favourite bloggers could have had babies and I wouldn’t have known. Using bloglovin’ AND Facebook might be a sweet solution. You can follow me on Facebook by clicking here.

3. Subscribe via email, the old-fashioned way

I’m pretty protective of my inbox now, as it can get pretty darn busy in there so I don’t subscribe to every Tom, Dick and Harriet’s blog, just my very favourites. Some bloggers give you the option of receiving every single blog post into your inbox as soon as it’s published, and others produce a weekly/fortnight/monthly newsletter so you can get the best of what’s been happening in their blog via email. I like that. It’s a once a month snapshot of the good stuff.

You can get my daily email by signing up here. OR you can get my monthly email by signing up here.

4. Bookmark it!

Remember the good old bookmark? Back when life was simple? You’d bookmark everything you wanted to visit again and then go back and visit them… If the above options are too ‘techy’ for you, then go with the bookmark. And if you’re my mum, I imagine you’re scribbling down my blog address onto a paper bookmark right now because EVERYTHING is just too techy. That’s not what I mean. I’ll call you later.

5. Feedly

Kinda like bloglovin’ but a little more techy, Feedly is the reader that most people have voted they’ll be moving to when Google Reader goes to heaven tomorrow. It’s really clean, simple and easy to use. I think you’ll like it. Again, you can import from Google Reader as well. Oh, AND they have an App.

So, tell me… how do you read blogs?

photo credit: Wiertz Sébastien via photopin cc