How to spend 3 days in Dubai with kids

Heading to Dubai with the family? You’ll love this itinerary with great ideas on how to spend 3 days in Dubai with kids. From rollercoasters, to a mini kid-sized world, and then to a cultural experience in the desert, there’s something for everyone.

When I ask people if they’ve ever been to Dubai, I’d say that most people say that they’ve been but haven’t been outside the airport. They’re robbing themselves of a good time, to be honest. Dubai is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s a beautiful melting pot of cultures and family fun. While it makes a brilliant stopover, it also makes a really fun one-stop holiday spot too.

Earlier this year we flew with Emirates to spend a few days in Dubai, and jam-packed our stay full of fun. You know the kinda fun where the kids are having the time of their lives, but they sleep beautifully at night because they’ve overdosed on fun? It was that fun. Dubai is only a young country, so each time we visit there is always something new to see and do.

How to spend 3 days in Dubai with kids



I’ve written a little bit about Kidzania, because it’s always one of my favourite places to take the kids. This was our fourth visit to a Kidzania and the excitement levels were still super high. Kidzania is a kid-sized world where it’s all about children. As soon as the kids check-in, they create a bank account and get busy finding jobs, earning money, and then eventually spending it. During our visit the girls worked at McDonalds, as models, as Ambulance Officers, and even in a cookie factory. Kidzania is located at Dubai Mall so you also have loads of yummy spots to eat at, and even the indoor aquarium to look at as well.


The Green Planet is home to over 3000 animals and plants, and is a beautiful oasis to spend time as a family. Housed in a four-level biodome, where upon arriving you’ll be taken straight to the top and make your way down through various rainforest levels, experiencing animals and flora, including a very cute sloth.


If you like to be WOWed, you’re going to love this show. I was gobsmacked the entire way through. There are acrobatics, theatrics, aerial work, motorbikes, characters, dancing, water features, and just so much magic that the whole family will be beyond entertained by. When we look back at our Dubai trip and all the things we love, La Perle by Dragone is at the top of our list.



What’s one of the best ways to spend time at one of the hottest countries in the world? At the waterpark, of course! Laguna Waterpark is located at La Mer, which is a beautiful little area filled with eateries, and artistic backstreets, all located on the beachfront. You could easily spend a whole day here, with so many eateries and ice cream spots to try out {we loved the Jelly Belly ice cream shop!}. Laguna Waterpark has slides, a lazy river, pools, and even waves to ride as well. It’s the perfect spot to play and cool down.


IMG World Of Adventures is the world’s largest indoor theme park, and you can feel just how awesome it is as soon as you arrive. The indoor arena is filled with adventure zones, including Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley and more. I loved the Forbidden Territory ride, with dinosaurs and spiders, and may have closed my eyes a few times and screamed at least once. Lulu loved the Cartoon Network area, with characters and rides suitable to her age. The whole family had a blast, and recommend it to any family visiting Dubai.


Is it really a trip to Dubai if you don’t do a desert safari? This was also one of THE best things we’ve ever done, and I beg of anyone visiting to put this on their to-do list. It’s such a beautiful experience. We were picked up by Arabian Adventures and taken out to the desert. The fun began with some dune bashing in the 4WD, then out to watch the sun set over the desert. We rode camels, spotted wild animals, watched belly dancing and enjoyed a feast. It’s a full night of fun, and simply magical Dubai experience. I just have two words for you; Do it!



I’ve heard so many people rave about LEGOLAND, but had never visited one myself until our trip to Dubai. The cute factor is high, and the fun factor is even higher than that. There were the most amazing {mind-blowing for sure!} LEGO displays where we saw most of Dubai’s iconic landscapes recreated in LEGO. But even more than that, we rode in LEGO boats, cars, and whizzed around the park on rollercoasters and other fun rides.


A short walk from LEGOLAND is Motiongate, which is a Hollywood inspired theme park. It’s part indoors, but mostly outdoors. You’ll find rides for everyone, of all ages and all scare levels, with loads of Dreamworks themed areas; think Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs, and Madagascar. The rides here are so much fun, and it’s a must visit for all families. You could easily spend a whole day here and it still not be enough time! There’s so much to do.


It still blows my mind, after two trips here, that Dubai has an indoor ski field. How is it possible? Who knows, but we like it! Shane is into skiing and says that it’s an awesome slope to get on. I love that he can go off and do what he wants to do {i.e. ski non-stop!} and I can have fun with the kids in the snow. At Ski Dubai we made snow angels, rode toboggans, and tubes, and even took the ski lift as well. It’s a fun way to spend an hour or two, and the kids can even get ski lessons.

See? There’s so much to do in Dubai and then some! Have you been to Dubai? Would you add anything to this list? And if you’ve never been before, add it to your bucket list!

We flew to Dubai as guests of Emirates, and experienced beautiful Dubai. I’ve written all about flying as a family with Emirates and all the tips and tricks you need to know here.