12 Practically Un-Killable Indoor Plants

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Are you a black thumb? When I’ve been talking about plants recently with you guys, a lot of you have said that you have a real knack for killing plants… and I felt you. I heard you. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there.

I don’t think it’s you though. I think it’s a mixture of the wrong plant and not knowing how to care for it properly. Nobody wants a high maintenance plant {well some people will, but I’m not that people!}. I’ve made the mistake, by trying to be a total a green thumb {i.e. watering my plants passionately and regularly} and still killing my plant. Some plants don’t want, need or even like lots of water. Those are the plants for us, my friends.

I’ve put together twelve plants that are low maintenance, that won’t have you stressing, but that are also practically un-killable.

I asked a total green thumb, Georgina Reid of The Planthunter, for her expert advice on how not to kill plants and she said it all it comes down to really is water and light. It’s that simple. “When it comes to water, make sure you always stick your finger into the potting mix of your plant. If it is moist, don’t water, if it is dry, water. It’s simple. Plants breathe through their roots so if the potting mix is constantly saturated they will drown. In winter you’ll need to water your plants less because most of them will be resting, not growing. Like us.”

When it comes to light, Georgina says, “Get to know your plant – learn how much light it needs to survive. Things like cast iron plant and mother-in-laws tongue are really great in low light areas, but all plants need at least some light. If your house is really dark, try thinking about your indoor plants as temporary residents only – move them inside for a few weeks, and then move them out when they start getting sad.”

The last tip she gave me, I loved. She recommended that we talk to our plants. The more talk, the happier the plants. So pour a cuppa, and let’s talk.

12 Practically Un-Killable Indoor Plants



Jade plant | Crassula ovata

The jade plant, also known as the money tree, is the perfect plant for a beginner. It loves hot, sunny and dry spots, and doesn’t require much watering {their leaves hold water so they aren’t overly needy!}. I have one of these and it thrives, even when I forget that it exists. Mine hasn’t grown money yet though, I’m still waiting!






Aloe Vera | Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera succulent isn’t high maintenance. It can handle full light and little water, and best of all you can snap off a leaf and use the liquid inside for healing properties. Rub it on scrapes and burns.






Wax Flower | Hoya spp.

When it comes to easy-going plants, the Wax Flower is definitely chilled out. It likes a little bit of light {preferably not direct sunlight} and a little bit of water now and then.






Mother-In-Laws tongue | Sansevieria trifasciata

This is the first plant my mum ever gave me, and it filled me with dread because I ‘knew’ I would kill it, it was only a matter of time. Imagine my shock when it thrived in my care, and even looked better than the Mother-In-Laws tongue my mum had at her own home! It’s not fussy, and likes both full sun or shade, and survives on minimal water.





Peace Lily | Spathyphyllum spp.

The Peace Lily is one of the most popular house plants. My mum had one, and I’m betting a whole heap of houses around Australia did too. They’re native to hot, moist rainforests, so they like the same kind of environment {which is why they thrive inside, rather than the changing conditions of outdoors}. Keep in a warm spot, but not too much direct light in the hotter months, and water regularly.





Radiator Plant | Peperomia obtusa

This plant is almost un-killable! Whatever indoor light you provide to it, it is adaptable and easy-going. It also does well in fluorescent light, so can be great for the office too. It doesn’t like a whole lot of water either, so you can forget it for a while and it won’t mind.






Rojo Congo | Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’

The Rojo Congo {cool name, eh?} is one hardy little bugger, and the perfect plant for beginners. Water once a week, and forget it for the rest of the time. It also loves a whole lot of light, so place it near a window and let it do it’s thing.






ZZ plant | Zamiocaulus zamiifolia

The ZZ plant has lovely thick, waxy leaves and is a great beginner air purifier. It is particularly low maintenance, likes low-medium light and needs infrequent watering {perfect if you’re the forgetful kind!}.






Heart lead philodendron | Philodendron cordatum

The prettiest of all the un-killables, this guy pretty much thrives on neglect, which makes caring for it pretty darn easy. It also is essentially magic as it removes airborne toxins {like formaldehyde} from the air. It’s one cool plant!






Dwarf Umbrella Tree | Schefflera arboricola

To help the Dwarf Umbrella Tree thrive, you can place it in a bright location, but out of direct sunlight. This plant is a good communicator and will tell you if you’re not watering it enough. If the leaves wrinkle, it’s thirsty and if the leaves turn black and drop, well it’s pretty much drunk.






Cast Iron plant | Aspedistera Elaitor

The cast iron plant is a tolerant plant that won’t demand too much from you. It doesn’t mind the shade and doesn’t need too much to drink either. You will be fast friends, and it won’t be high maintenance.







Dragon Tree | Dracaena Marginata

Like most of the un-killable plants, this plant isn’t too fussy. It likes to reside in a light area, but not in direct sunlight. And if you reallllllly wanted to kill it, just over water it. You never want to water it so that it has water sitting in the saucer, you just wanted to dampen the first inch of top soil.




Once you’ve decided which plants suits you best, you can download the Plant Life Balance App, take a photo of your space and pop your plants in. It’s free and so fun. Grab it here.

I’m heading out to go shopping for more greens… plants, that is! Which plants do you like best?