10 ways to make your beauty dollar go further

medium_4565656552Hello! The lovely bellaMUMMA is back baby, and she’s armed with her best beauty tips for the bargain-lovers {ahem, me!}. Enjoy. x

Make your beauty dollar go further

1. Don’t waste product. Using anything more than a pea-size dollop of moisturiser {on damp skin} and a coin-size dollop of shampoo {on super-soaked hair} and conditioner {wringed-out hair} is a waste.

2. Apply foundation with your clean fingers. Sponges absorb and waste product.

3. Turn bottles upside down to get every last bit of product. If you can’t squeeze anymore out, cut them in half and scoop out the rest.

4. Store make-up in a dry, cool place with caps on tight to prevent melting and colour separation.

5. When you think you’ve finished your lipstick, there’s about a quarter of it still left. Scoop it out with a knife and mix it with lip balm to make a gloss.

6. Check if your hairdresser has training nights. Trainees will colour and cut for a fraction of the normal price under the watchful eye of senior stylists.

7. Multi-use your make-up. Use lipstick as a blusher; blusher as a lip colour and eyeshadow; your eye pencils as lip and brow pencils; and your eyeshadow, liner and mascara as brow definers.

8. Make your own scented body lotion by adding a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume to Sorbolene cream.

9. If you can’t afford your favourite perfume, you can still wear the fragrance in a less expensive form, such as body spray, powder or shower gel.

10. Save on face exfoliators by rubbing your face with a dry towel before cleansing, or with a damp face cloth afterwards.

I’m happy to say that I’ve done a few of these, particularly 3 & 6. What about you?


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3 thoughts on “10 ways to make your beauty dollar go further”

  1. All good ideas. Now I’m on maternity leave I’ve been using BB cream as I’ve run out of my lovely foundation. But I’ve found the BB cream with a powder just as effective.

    Mixing existing colours of eyes instead of buying new ones is good.

    Also sometimes I’ll swap nail polishes my Mum and SIL to mix it up instead of all is buying new ones 🙂

  2. Great tips I always put the container upside down to get the last of the product out and use a lip brush to get out the last bits of the lippy.

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