10 of the best jeans for curvy girls

10 of the best jeans for curvy girls

This past summer has been EPIC. I can not even explain. It’s been long, and sweaty, and humid, and long. So so so so long. So today, which is the first cool day in FOREVER, I am embracing jeans. I even went to a pub for lunch today and they had the heaters turned on. Seems like I wasn’t the only one excited to embrace the cool weather {for the record, the heater was overkill}.

Today I am sharing a round up of the 10 best jeans for curvy girls {or plus-size jeans}. These are my favourites from around the internets. As an avid jean collector {What? Addicted? Me? No. Never} I can tell you that Embody Denim jeans are beautiful. If you can’t afford the price tag, check out eBay for seconds. I bought my pair brand new for under $100 because they apparently have a fault. I’m yet to figure out what the fault is {win!}. My current favourites are definitely the ones I’m wearing right now. They’re from Torrid {last season} and are soft and comfortable, and didn’t break the bank.

Click to shop: Torrid | 17 Sundays | ASOS | City Chic | Embody Denim | Harlow | Mynt1792 | ASOS | FOREVER21 | LANE BRYANT

Which do you like best?

11 thoughts on “10 of the best jeans for curvy girls”

  1. Personally I think that skinny jeans – while comfy – are not the jean of choice for me, a curvy girl. Especially because of my fat knees! There’s no smooth tapering on me, it looks awful,especially with boots.

    So relieved to discover flares (and by extension, the bootcut) are back, because for me, they never left.

  2. I got a fantastic pair from City Chic last year – soft, great fit, boot cut, dark denim, under $80.
    Love, love, LOVE them!! The label says “To Die For” and they totally are 🙂

  3. Great tips Chantelle! I’ve tried the Harlow and ‘love’. If ladies can’t do a skinny then wear a straight leg and cuff at the ankle (flattering), boot cut are heavy and can be masculine so balance the cut with a feminine coloured top or jewellery.

  4. Any hints for those of us with the ‘apron belly” especially after a c-section where it is really tight and a scar and the top is still like an overhanging pouch? That’s what puts me off jeans.

  5. Honestly, none of them strike me. I really like Maurices jeans. They range in sizes from 0 to 24, and I am on the very edge, so I can fit into the smallest size on the plus side, size 14 long, comfortably, or fit into one of the larger (but not largest) sizes on the junior side, 11/12 long. They are all a little wider and looser it seems, for the real woman with curves!! Affordable too, at just $29.99!!

  6. Good tips! I love my NYDJ – my local boutique sets aside two pairs for me each year. Will have to try the 17 Sunday’s ones- I like the look of them!

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