How to ditch that pesky bloggers’ block

It happens to the best of us. You open up your laptop, log into your blog and you’ve got nothing. Your mind is empty, your creativity isn’t flowing and you just don’t know what on earth to blog about. You’re not alone. Trust me. I’ve been blogging for 6 years now and it happens to me a few times a year, and I hear other bloggers going through the same thing.

So, are your blogging days numbered? Does bloggers’ block mean doom and gloom? No, of course not. It’s just a momentary lapse in creativity and blog fodder. You can move past this. Here are ten fun and easy ways to ditch that pesky bloggers’ block, and get your mojo back:

1. Change up your routine

Do you usually blog in the middle of the day when you’ve ticked everything else off your to-do list? Change it up. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard is to ‘create before you consume’. The idea is to blog first up before your mind gets bogged down with other content; the news, Pinterest, reading other blogs, television, radio, movies, books, magazines, stuff.

2. Switch your blogging environment

You’ve heard that saying that a change is a good as a holiday? Well, so is changing your blogging environment. Grab your laptop and head to a cafe, or to a park, or somewhere where you don’t usually blog. If getting out of the house isn’t possible, choose a different room in the house or even head out to the backyard.

3. Head to the bookshop

Grab a notebook and head to the bookshop. Taking even just half and hour to browse through book titles can be an inspiring way to get back into blogging. I suggest not overwhelming yourself by opening up the books and reading beyond the cover, but instead binge on the book titles and secretly scribble down any inspirational ideas that pop up.

4. Ask your audience

Your audience are the ones that read your blog so ask them what they’d like to see on your blog. Al Tait and Mrs Woog are brilliant at doing this. They’ll head to Facebook and simply ask the people, “Tell me what to blog about?” Pick one and form a blog post (and jot down the other ideas for the next time you’re stuck).

5. Fall down the blog rabbit hole

We’ve all got a favourite blog, or a few of them, right? Well, here’s a fun way to find blog inspiration. Go to your favourite blog and find their list of favourite blogs (usually in the sidebar or in the footer) and then click on one of those blogs. Don’t stop there. On that next blog, click through to another blog. Browse. Get inspired, and then keep falling down the hole.

6. Create a sequel

Go into the back-end of your blog (or the place where you can check out your blog stats) and discover what your top 5 most popular blog posts were. Figure out how you can expand on those and create new blog content.

7. Take a break

I know you really want to blog, but sometimes when the ideas aren’t flowing it’s a good idea to take a little break. If you can afford it, buy an around the world ticket and blog every step of the way. Or if you’re normal and not-so-rich, like the rest of us, just take a few days off, stop pressuring yourself to write and enjoy life. Blog posts will start forming in your head, I promise.

8. Buy a magazine

I’m a lover of magazines, and while my spending habits have dwindled over the years I still have my favourites; Elle Australia, The Collective, Frankie and Red Magazine. Steal a little bit of time, have a read and tear out the pages of articles, ads, fashion shoots, anything that inspires you. It doesn’t mean you have to copy the exact concept, find a way to create something from that inspiration so that it fits you and your blog.

9. Turn on the news

Sometimes you have to be particularly brave to write about hot topics, and current affairs, but perhaps now is the time to be brave? Find a topic that’s on everyone’s lips, and create a blog post with your opinion on it.

10. If all else fails…

I’ve created 10 topics for you to blog about, because sometimes a little hand-feeding never goes astray. Remember English back in school? This is just like that. Grab one of these ten topics and get blogging. Make sure you head back here and share a link in the comments so we can see how you’ve fared.

1. A how to guide to anything (being a bad/good parent/making awesome vegemite toast/washing your hair)
2. The happiest day of my life so far
3. My easy, cheaty dinner recipe
4. The worst date I ever had
5. That one thing I did as a teenager that I kinda regret
6. A love letter to my favourite city in the world
7. Who I really am: 12 things you didn’t need to know about me
8. 33 things to be happy about
9. Never have I ever: 9 things I’ve never done in this lifetime
10. How to not be annoying in 7 easy steps

Got a burning blogging question you want help with? Email me and I’ll publish one day soon.


  1. says

    What a great list! I agree, sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to bust through a creative block. The other thing I’ve found really helpful is watching a movie, preferably a visually rich one (my favorites for this are by Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola.) Don’t let yourself think about what you’re working on…just get lost in the world of the movie and when you come out at the end, you’ll be able to come at your writing from a different perspective.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

      • says

        I followed my own advice last night…watched The Graduate for the first time (sad, I know) and was so enthralled by the black, white and green color scheme that I’m bursting with design ideas now!

  2. says

    I love your blogging tips and how you help other bloggers. Your blog is so inspiring. I have a head full of topics to blog about but find life gets in the way of getting down to actually blogging. I have often wondered if creating a “space” of my own would make a difference as opposed to on my lap in front of the tv or at the dining room table and tip no 2 has answered that. Often my biggest “block” is opening up my laptop and switching it on.

    • says

      I have to give up my office space for 6 months soon. My mum is moving in while her house gets built. I will miss it, so so so so much. I hope you make a space and get inspired to switch the laptop on. x

  3. says

    Thank you for this. I have been having trouble with blogger’s block but read your post earlier. This evening I started writing down ideas and now I have a page full of them. Next blog post coming tomorrow, definitely :) Hurrah! I’m always so impressed with how frequently you post. Very inspirational! Now you have shared some of your secrets: thank you :)

  4. kathy cooney says

    I’m not a blogger, but I like to write in my personal diary, the topics you listed will get my creative juices flowing, thanks !!!

  5. says

    Always love to read your blogging tips and everything. I’ve started blogging since 2009 but i found it hard to dedicate my time consistently with my blogging work. Don’t know why :(

    Well, i m catching up your all blogging tips from archives and already feel motivated. I hope i could put your tips in real life. Thanks Chantelle! :)

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