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That One Time A Healer Came To My Home

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I consider myself to be an open-minded kinda person. Recently, while visiting Bali and getting my hair braided, I was speaking to a woman who was also getting her hair braided. We were sitting in a tiny room, just the two of us, and our hair-braiders. We were talking about the humidity, about our hotels and then we started talking about our lives. I innocently asked her what she did for work, and she ummed and aahed for a little while, and then said, “I’m a dancer. Well, I’m a stripper.”

“That’s cool!” I replied, “I bet you’re very good at it.” We talked about the perks of being your own boss, and the flexibility {pardon the pun} both our jobs allowed. As the woman left, she said to me, “Thanks for not judging me and being open-minded…” I smiled back, and wanted to tell her thank you for not judging me for being a blogger.

Rewind to a year or so ago, when I had a sore neck and was keen for a massage. I complained to Hubby, “Man, my neck is killing me!”

“Actually, Steve at work just told me about this masseuse that comes to your house. He said she’s really good. I could get her number.”

I got him onto that, immediately.

A few days later Amanda showed up at my house. She trudged her belongings into the darkest room in our house {our bedroom}, and said she’d be ready in about 15 minutes. I patiently waited, which felt remarkably weird in my own home.

She called me in, and asked me to sit down on my bed with her. She pulled out some angel cards, and asked me to pick three. I was surprised. I thought I was getting a massage, and Steve had definitely not mentioned anything about cards to Shane, but I am open-minded and happy to try anything, so I picked three cards.

She told me about my future, and a little about my past, and then invited me to the massage table to begin my massage. As I made my way to the table I noticed crystals scattered around my room, and peaceful music playing. As I placed my head into the head hole, I spotted a large rose quartz on the floor below me {a crystal for love, and lowering stress}. I settled in for one of the most amazing massages of my life.

As Amanda worked on my right shoulder, she whispered, “Something happened to you…”

Now, I know at this point the skeptics among us will start to go on high alert, but here’s the thing, Amanda knew nothing about me. Steve had told her nothing. She had not heard of my blog. My only communications I had was to text her to ask her if she could fit me in for a massage, and then my address. That was it.

“Something happened to you…” she continued, “when you were four. Were you abused?”

I nodded, half dozy, as much as I could with my head in the massage table.

She went into details I’ve not written about online, or even really spoken about. When it comes to dealing with my past sexual abuse, I always think that I am OK, and pretty much healed. I can talk about it without getting upset, so it didn’t trigger me when she brought it up.

But, as she massaged my shoulder, I started crying. And not just a single tear rolling down my face crying, I was sobbing. Tears were falling from my face like they’ve never fallen before. I could audibly hear them dropping onto the floor {and rose quartz} below me. A puddle of tears stained the carpet below me, and I continued to cry. Amanda, the masseuse, was crying as well as she worked on my shoulder.

Sure, some might consider the experience weird and uncomfortable, but I think it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Now, to take the hippy stuff up a notch, I’ll share this; The right side of the body is considered the masculine side. It’s also the giving side. Amanda explained to me that I’m always giving, and struggling to receive {true} but also that masculine side is where I hold all my emotion/energy from my past experience. Deep, I know.

I rolled over and the massage continued normally. Afterwards Amanda left the room, so that I could get dressed. We didn’t really talk about what happened, but I hugged her and thanked her. I felt a sense of exhaustion and calmness. A calmness through my body that I couldn’t really explain, probably to do with the massage, and a lot to do with the cathartic crying.

As Amanda left, she placed her card on the table and said goodbye. I hugged her again, grateful for the beautiful experience. I then sat in my own home, massage oil in my hair, exhausted, as my kids ran amok around me.

I grabbed the card to put into my purse and noticed that it didn’t say masseuse, but actually said ‘healer’.

I had no idea that was going to happen that day, and I was so glad it unfolded as it did. It was one of the best massages I’ve had {it was Lomi Lomi – a Hawaiian style massage}, and one of the most interesting experiences, although really quite unexpected. Since that day, I’ve had Amanda visit a few times, for myself, but also my sister and Hubby too. Sometimes it’s just a massage, and other times something happens, but nothing like that first experience. That was truly something else.