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I started a thing. Do you have one?

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As I was washing my fourth load of washing one sunny Sunday, I started to think about the routine that my life had taken; get up early, jam as much work into the early hours as possible, empty the dishwasher, tidy the house, do some laundry, play with the kids, feed everyone, more laundry, more running around doing stuff with the kids, more work and then some more laundry again, just for fun.


It happened and I didn’t realise it. I got super boring.

I’m sure it’s got something to do with the alignment of the moon and the stars, and Mercury or something, but I’ve started to think a lot about things. Heck, I’m even putting together a vision board. I feel like my life needs a little shake up and some changes made, so that I’m taking care of me and filling my bucket more. Nothing major. I won’t be shaving my head and moving to a farm anytime soon {although that is a dream I’ve always had}.

My neighbour, Carol, is an inspiration to me. She’s such a strong, inspiring woman who milks the most out of life. She’ll hate that I mention her age, but she’s just hit her 70s and she does fun stuff every day. Cards with the girls, a lunch club with a group of girlfriends, and every year she does a Masterchef cook-off where mates get together and challenge each other around food.

I don’t need lots of stuff in my life, but while folding my 23rd pair of little pink underpants I started thinking about what I miss doing, and that’s eating out, trying new foods, socialising and not having to cook. So, I decided to start a Ladies Dinner Club. A group of girls, going out to dinner. Simple, but delicious. I have started with a core group of girls, and then we’ll each bring friends, and grow. My sister is going through a separation and has just moved to the area too, so I wanted to open up a new friendship group for her as well, so that was part of my inspiration – although she is pretty great at gathering friends on her own.

So, it started. Once a month we try somewhere new, with share plates and wine and good times. We had our first one last week, at it was delicious.

It got me thinking though, what is everyone else doing for fun? What’s your thing right now? The thing that you look forward to? Tell me more, please.