The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2023

With Father’s Day approaching (this year it’s on Sunday September 3rd), it’s time to start thinking about which Father’s Day Gifts are best for the Dads in our lives. Generally I run ideas past Shane, and then he’ll say, “nah, I’m OK, I don’t need it” and then buy it for himself two weeks later. Happens every year, every birthday/Christmas/Father’s Day.

Scroll through these gift ideas, get inspiration, there’s something for every dad, starting right at $6 (best gift on the list in my opinion!), even if you just tell him about it and he buys it himself. 🙄

Fathers DAY GIFTS FOR deserving Dads

Knobby Underwear | $29

Treat Dad to stylish, and comfortable underwear so he can always be in style. Knobby regularly releases new underwear prints, and if you happen to gift Dad a subscription to the Undie Club, he’ll get a regular Undie delivery (choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription) so he’s delighted month after month. Oh, and they also do socks!

Crocs Classic Clogs | $69.95

It feels terribly hypocritical for me to be popping these up here, when I’ve playfully ribbed Shane for wearing Crocs for the past two years, but they’re cool and we can’t deny it any longer. And oh-so-comfortable too. Wouldn’t it be cute if the kids chose jibbitz/decorations for their dad to personalise them? CUTE.

Nakie Double Hammock | $129

Made from 37 recycled plastic bottles, the Nakie Hammock is the world’s first recycled hammock. Light-weight and compact, it comes with everything you need, including straps and strong steel carabiners. It can be set up in less than a minute (the record is 27 seconds). Great for the dad who loves lazing about, wherever he is.

KitchenAid Cast Iron Casserole Dish | $199.95

We were gifted a cast iron casserole dish for our wedding, and it’s our favourite kitchen item – it’s so reliable, and can go from cook-top (even induction) to oven, and even up to 260ºC. Great for searing and frying, but also brilliant for slow cooking or simmering foods for hours.

Tahwalhi Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board | $249

Get Dad out on the water with this inflatable stand-up paddle board. It inflates within minutes, and deflates just as quickly as well, and at 10″6′ it’s a great size for all dads. Shane has proper boards that we use, but we’ve been eyeing off this for our days on the creek because it’s so much easy to transport with a car full of kids!

UNO Card Game | $6

There is no greater card game than UNO, don’t you agree? Most people know how to play it, it’s easy to teach kids, and it’s always a good time (well until the +4 cards come out, then it’s not – I speak from experience). This is the cheapest price I’ve seen for the UNO cards, everywhere else is around double that price. Win!

Budgy Smuggler’s Dad Cap | $40

We’ve all heard (or seen 👀) the iconic Budgy Smugglers for guys (Shane has a few, and they always make us laugh), but I love that they’re bringing out the old Dad Cap. Adorned with Aussie words, they’re a sweet gift for the Dad in your life. Cheers fellas.

Stanley Quencher Drink Cup | $89.95

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a standard metal drink bottle which doesn’t fit in my car, and it pains me (and I know there are hacks for this but I don’t wanna hack it, I just want it to fit!), while Shane it rocking one of these Stanley Quenchers. It’s drink holder compatible, comes in a range of colours and holds over 1L of liquid.

Wahl Extreme Grip Haircutting Kit | $99

From beard trimming, to hair cutting, this haircutting kit does everything (well almost, if only it did nose trimming) and is ideal for hair and body trimming. One of the more affordable options on the market, it also comes with a handy storage case.

Custom Face Apron | $29.95

Which dad wouldn’t love an apron adorned with the faces of his loved ones? This affordable gift is a great custom gift idea that the kids can help create.

Cool Cabanas Beach Cabana | $189.99

If you’ve been to any beach during an Aussie summer, you’ll already know what a Cool Cabana is. Easy to assemble, and perfect for creating shade while you hang by the water (just fill with sand to anchor) and it all goes down to fit into a compact bag. We wouldn’t do summer without this!

Brewquets Beer Hamper | $89.95

There are so many boutique beers available around Australia now, so what better way to bring them all to Dad than in one beautiful hamper.

July Tech Kit Travel Case | $85

A special travel case to store all the tech-y bits that usually get thrown in the bottom of the bag when you’re on the go, this case (which can be personalised for $25) is the perfect gift for Dads who travel or who just love to be a little organised.

UGG Sydney Unisex Slipper | $130

Another item that gets the Shane tick of approval, he has these UGGs and loves them. I know winter is almost over, but they’re such quality they’ll last through the chilly spring mornings, and be loved through next winter as well. It’s like a hug, on your feet (I should be a writer! 🤪).

Friendie Sport Earbuds Gift Pack | $250

Last month, while traveling solo on a flight, an AirPod fell from my ear and rolled four rows back. I resigned to the fact that it was gone, until someone stood up and yelled, “WHO LOST AN AIRPOD?” My hand slowly went up, and reclaimed it, but I’ve been using ones with cords ever since, at least for a while. But these! The Friendie Sports Earbuds are great for sports because they hook around the ear, they’re also splash-proof, sweat-proof, completely cordless, and they last for four hours of continual listening (that’s a long workout – or flight).

Bug-A-Salt | $89.99

OK, I know this looks and sound quite… too much, but it’s a novelty, and environmentally friendly way to get rid of flies. No batteries needed, this eliminates flies with salt. Shane was gifted a Bug-a-Salt last Christmas, and he loves it, and it gets rid of flies quickly and with a bit of fun.

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