The gift I’m buying myself this Christmas

I don’t know about you, but my nights have slowly been filled with lots of scrolling over the years, replacing my passion for reading. I didn’t even notice it happening, but I somehow went a year without even picking up a book. So, in 2024 I’m changing that.

I’ve bought myself a gift for 2024. A membership to the Birds of a Feather Book Club.

Each month the team at Books with Bec and Jane choose a book, both passionate readers, and we get reading. I’m so ready to dive in.

In January we’re reading Lola In The Mirror by Trent Dalton, which I’ve heard really great things about. Together we’ll read the book, and get together to chat about it with new friends in the private Facebook group, plus other great opportunities to connect (read more below).



Birds of a Feather Book Club

A book club for adults, with a new book every month, this book club is ideal for those who have fallen out of their reading habit, and find themselves scrolling devices instead of reading (Guilty!). Each month a new book is revealed, and the community gets reading.

The book club has a beautiful private Facebook group, reading notes, tips on how to fit reading into your life, a private podcast, and a LIVE chat.

You can choose to BYOB (buy your own books, I just grabbed mine from Big W) or you can choose to let Books with Bec and Jane send the books to you each month (this closes December 3rd, so get in quick).

There’s also book clubs for the kids as well, which makes a beautiful Christmas gift… that keeps giving throughout the year.

Rebel Reader’s Alliance (9-12 years), The Wild Readers (12-14 years) and The Midnight Readers (15yo+)

A book club that runs from January to November (choose the appropriate group by your child’s age), with a book chosen by Bec and Jane each month. Membership includes a monthly Zoom meeting, a downloadable reading guide, monthly quizzes and giveaways, author interviews, and even access to a pen pal program, a gratitude journal and creative writing kit.

Want to join in? The doors are officially open right now, but they strictly close Christmas Eve. Sign up now so you don’t miss out.