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The 10 best planners for staying organised in 2022

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Hands up if you’re ready to kick 2021 to the curb, and embrace a brand new {hopeful} new year? Me! My hand is SO up. Each year I put together a guide to my favourite diaries and planner for the year ahead. As a stationery-lover {so much so that my local stationery shop owners know me almost TOO well}, I love taking in all the beautiful dairy features, and deciding which is worthy to have in your life. So without further a-do {and rambling} here are the best planners for 2022…

Kikki.K Leather Weekly Diary | $59.95

Just when we thought Kikki.K was a thing of the past {they announced they were closing their stores and online store} they’ve been given a second chance, and their beautiful planners are back! That beautiful, silky paper has returned, as well as their gorgeous colourways. If you like simplistic, clean designs, the Kikki.K Leather Weekly diary is for you. As a treat you can add personalised monogramming for an extra $9.95.

Collins Edge Rainbow Diary | $28.99

The creative in me can’t go past the coloured edges on this beautiful diary, and the practical side of me knows that Collins does diaries well, so it’s a winning combination {plus this is one of the more budget-friendly options}. The Collins Edge Rainbow day-to-a-page diary is simplistic and modern, with a fun colourful twist.

Ronnie & Co A5 Planner | $58.95

Available in a handbag-friendly size, the Ronnie & Co planner is beautifully designed, gaining a cult following because of it’s stylish style and well-thought out design. With spaces for budgeting, goal tracking, vision boards and even creative note-taking. The Ronnie & Co A5 planner is a great planner for those on the go.

Master Plan Diary | $37.95

Busy parents, and families, you’ll love this diary. It always blows me away how beautifully thought out the Master Plan diaries are. There’s space to allocate each family member, and then lock in all the things; Soccer, dance, craft, school interviews, tutoring, mum’s night out… everything. This particular Master Plan family organiser is a week to a view, so you can get a snapshot of the week ahead in one glance.

Control Freak Quarterly Planner | $44.95

If you’re a business-owner you’ll know the all-too-familiar feeling of thinking your head might explode from trying to remember EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I love this diary because it takes it all out of your head and puts it into one place. I’m talking planning, social media, meetings, everything. I can not rate this diary more highly. The Control Freak diary is just that, a control freak for your life.

Day Designer | $46.62

When I’m looking for a diary, I pretty easily pleased. I need nice paper, a day to a page, and then also a monthly view – so I can plan to my heart’s content. The Day Designer has all that and then some, including inspirational quotes and space for gratitude.

Papier Joy Diary | $50.99

The Joy diary by Papier has plenty of space to jot down goals and to-dos for 2022. With weekly, monthly and yearly overviews, on super smooth paper, it’s a gorgeous diary. Best of all, it has 13 months, so you can jump-start the new year a little early.

The Organised Weekly Planner | $39.95

This diary isn’t just for you, it’s for your whole life, including your home. Kat, the creator behind The Organised Housewife, is a guru when it comes to being organised, so this diary has all bases covered. With a monthly checklist for cleaning and organising your home, Aussie holidays and important dates, hard cover and gold binder, the Organised Planner will have your life in perfect order for 2022.

Typo A4 Daily Planner | $29.99

Cheap and super cheerful, the Typo diaries never disappoint. This A4 Daily Planner is big enough to scribble out all your hopes, dreams, plans and commitments. Vegan, and with recycled paper, this also has a little eco-friendly twist.

Earth Greetings Natalie Jade Diary | $39.95

As a lover of Natalie Jade’s art, I have a beautiful piece in my bedroom, I’m thrilled to see it show up in dairy form. Made from 100% post consumer waste, and featuring stunning Indigenous art, this diary is something you’ll fall in love with month after month in 2022. Also featuring gratitude pages, and yearly calendar, the Natalie Jade Diary is a winning combo.

Which diary are you loving most? Have you got one picked for 2022 yet?

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