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A Helping Hand

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I remember sitting in my first ever mother’s group. We were all so new, and fresh, and kinda clueless. We all introduced ourselves and talked about our experiences, and the support was big. We had nurses to give us advice, and we were all really quite open about talking about what were going through {sleepless nights, the colour of the baby poos, breastfeeding etc}.

That support and openness continued on for the first few years. In Australia we get given a Blue Book that has everything about our babies. We marked in their vaccinations, their measurements and all the details up until around their fourth year, when we have their last check-up, and the before school vaccination.

And then we were set free.

Well, that’s what it felt like to me. Not so much free, but it’s kinda like we graduated those early years and we should know how to do it from there on. Except I didn’t. And beyond babies, life is different. I found that mums didn’t always share with the same openness that we did in the early baby years, and I think that’s a lot to do with everyone being busier, but also facing different challenges. While one parent might be trying to work through a bullying issue, another might be working a bed-wetting issue at home, and another might be working through reading issues with their kids, and then someone might have no issues at all {which is totally fine too}.

I started to wonder, is it just me? Are other people talking about this stuff and I’m missing out on the convos? I loved that network of sharing and support with babies, where there was a platform to really share what we were going through. I love that feeling of not feeling alone, because we’re not alone. People will be going through what we’re going through.

And so, my friend Rebel and I were chatting, and we thought that it would awesome to start that conversation, and get people talking and feeling less alone. And so the dream of a podcast was born! We’ve been working behind the scenes and are still working, but it’s shaping up to be something really special.

BUT… we need you now. We want your stories. We want to know what it is that we should be talking about {cos we have our stuff we want to unravel, but we want your stuff too}. I’ve got a little survey where I want to pick your brain a little, and I’d LOVE if you’d lend me a few minutes of your time. And, essentially love if you were open to it, and had a story to share, meeting with us and spending time chatting about your story {which can be totally anonymous, by the way! We’re cool with that}.

So if you’ve got 2 minutes and a school-aged child, we’d love if you’d take our survey. We’ve got a bribe, I mean incentive! for you to help us out. We’re giving away 3 x $100 VISA Gift Cards just to say thank you for your time. Take the survey here.