6 Dresses For Under $60

Over on Instagram I’ve been sharing more of myself in photos. I love fashion, have always loved it, and it’s been really fun to share some of my favourite clothes. I wear dresses 99% of the time, it’s just what I love to wear. A bunch of my dresses are boho style and a little on the expensive side {I buy most of them second hand though, on the Facebook buy swap and sell pages or on eBay}, and a lot of you have said that you wanted to know if I had some cheaper options that I wear.

So here we are. These dresses are all under $60, and all beautiful.

LITTLE PARTY DRESS | $59.95 | Shop here
These stripes aren’t the most flattering choice in print, but sometimes you’ve got to say ‘screw flattering!’ and just embrace it. The Mandy Wrap dresses from Little Party Dress are my fave. They’re so easy to wear, they don’t crease easily and they’ve great for traveling.

SHEIN | $30.95 | Shop here
I have this dress and love it. It’s the first time I’ve bought from SheIn and I wasn’t sure what to expect {I’d heard mixed stories on the quality}. The fabric is sheer {no black underwear here!}, but it’s a lovely, light dress and I love the colour.

NEXT | $56 | Shop it here
I’m trying to move away from black dresses {this one is also available in leopard} but this one called my name. It’s a really light fabric, which is great for this Gold Coast humid weather we have over summer. It’s a UK brand so I sized up, and would wear it with a belt next time, to bring in the waist.

SIMPLY BE | $59 | Shop it here
This one is sitting in the cart, luring me to buy it. I love the colour, and wrap dresses are so easy to wear. So tempting!

ASOS | $40 | Shop it here
This is my favourite dress to travel in, especially long distance. It’s comfy, and I wear it with my coloured ADIDAS sneakers, to give it a bit of colour and fun-factor. I can also spill things on it {which I tend to do! Gah!} and it stays pretty hidden.

BOOHOO | $17 | Shop it here
This is cheap, but the fabric is so soft and it will the dress you grab when you actually feel like you have nothing to wear. A friend bought one after seeing me wear mine – and we laugh, because it’s so true… the perfect dress when you’ve got nothing to wear.

Where do you love to shop when on a budget?