The 2024 Photo A Day Bundle

It’s that time again! Where we kick off a whole year of creativity. One of my resolutions for the year is to take a photo each day, improve my photography skills, and journal each day, through photography and words. So, I’ve created The 2024 Photo A Day Bundle.

Together we can be inspired, have fun with photography, and capture photos each day.

Note: This bundle is in addition to our normal Photo A Day monthly lists. They’ll still be revealed each month. This is just for people who want to know what’s coming ahead, as well as learn a few tips, or if people want to capture photos without the structure of Photo A Day.


  • 366 Photo A Day Prompts (printable), designed in a sweet pattern, ready for you to download and print
  • An eBook: How to take better photos with your phone. If you have a resolution to take better photos in 2024, this eBook will help you in 7 easy steps.
  • A Photo A Day journal, with 366 spots to print and personalise with your own photos

Photo A Day Prompt Cards

These printable cards feature a prompt, and the explanation. With a whole year of prompts (366 cards on this leap year!), you can print out all the cards (they come with 12 to a page), cut them out, and then use them how you like.

You might like to pop them all in a jar, and pull one out at random each day. Or maybe you’re more of a planner, so you could plan out your whole year to suit you. It’s up to you. The prompts are all the prompts that will be revealed over the coming year in our monthly lists, you’ll just get them all ahead of time! (There’s so many new prompts we’ve never used before, it will be fun to see them and get prepared!).

How to take better photos with your phone ebook

With these 7 simple lessons, you can improve your photography by leaps and bounds. Each tip will take you through how to improve your photography, with an example to guide you through it. Taking better photos is just 7 steps away.

A yearly Photo A Day journal

This functional journal is great to keep your daily photos all in one place. You can use it digitally, and just pop the photos on, or you can print out the whole journal and paste your photos in. Each prompt has room to write the prompt and a little background about the photo.

The whole bundle is available for AUD$9, and is an instant download. You can kick off the year bursting with creativity! The link is below (it will take you offsite to purchase and download securely). I hope you love it as much as I loved pulling it all together!