My top 9 picks: the best diaries for 2014


Oh, putting this post together has made me giddy. I love getting a new diary. I know, this makes me slightly sad and ever-so-geeky, but I don’t care. I love me a new diary. Judge me as you will, or join me! I’ve put together my top 9 picks of the best diaries for 2014. Enjoy.


This is for the writer. The person who wants to sit down each day and write the things they’re grateful for, or the person who just wants to get all their thoughts onto paper. You can have it personalised so that you’re name is etched across the front. Wouldn’t it make interesting reading at the end of the year? Check it out here.


This is for the person who likes compartments and sections, the person who likes everything to have a place. It’s also for the person who plans on making 2014 their best year yet. Is that you? Check it out here.


If you like luxury at a cheap price, then this one is for you. I’ve held this diary in my own two hands, and it’s pretty darn nice. It closes with a magnet, has smooth paper that your pen will glide right over. It comes in three colours. Check it out here.


You know what goes well together? Bright pink and gold. This diary would make me smile every single day, I think. Kikki-K always delivers with it’s beautiful fonts, simple design and fun colours. Check it out here.


When Borders was alive in Australia, they used to stock a range of papergoods by PaperChase. I loved that stuff silly. They had the best notebooks, the best wrapping paper and sweet pens too. I know unicorns seem a little juvenille, but can you imagine how much fun you’d have pulling this out each day {particularly if you’re a serious lawyer-type person}? Check it out here.


This is my diary of choice. Last year my friends at Papier Damour sent me one as a gift and I loved it every single day. The paper, the cover… it’s just beautiful. To my delight they sent me a new one for next year in pink tie-dye. I splurged and bought my sister one {not this same one, but one from the same range} for Christmas with her name on the front {here’s hoping she doesn’t read my blog today!}. Pricey, yes… but so beautiful. Check it out here.


This is for the inspired diary owner. If you love inspirational quotes with a side of organisation, this is for you. It also has places to set goals, create a budget and more. Check it out here.


This is for the super busy, or the person who likes bright stuff and lusts for complete organisation. You can personalise the cover, plan the bejeezus out of your life and love it. I’ve had two Erin diaries in my life, and they’re really good. Shipping is crazy if you’re in Australia, so search for a discount code or if someone has one please share it in the comments. Check it out here.


This one is a little bit cheeky, but cheeky is good, right? Quit slacking and make stuff happen. Buy a diary. Get organised already! Check it out here.

Are you a fellow diary user? Do any of the above tickle your fancy?

  • Teresa

    I like #1 and #9 the best. may order both for my daughter and myself. She is in college and I am, well, a mom…thanks for sharing.

  • Natalie Mulford

    Oh how I loved PaperChase! I was so upset when Borders closed. I’m usually a Moleskine gal myself, have been for many years, but next year I decided to try something new and have bought myself a Kikki K diary.

  • Erin Drummond

    I have been eyeing off #2 for a while now, and definitely plan on 2014 being my best year yet! I love a paper diary rather than using my phone. I like to see everything written in front of me for the coming week.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I like no 3 that is me luxury at a cheapie price.

  • Jamie

    I miss having PaperChase via Borders in the US. Maybe someday I will get a Kikk planner, but for the coming year I got a Kate Spade planner and I’ve been loving it so far!


  • Clare

    A group of friends and I did the EC planners for 2014 shipped to Perth. Because we did together shipping only cost us ~$8 each. DEFINITELY the way to do it

  • Sarah van der Heyden

    Moleskine… I love everything Moleskine! They have a soft leather bound diary that I purchased at Borders (*sniff sniff*) years ago and have been searching for one every year since!

  • Gemma

    I got similar to number 8 for a lot less shipping cost. It was from an Australian company, and I’m hanging for 2014 to start so that I can start using it.

    • Tas

      Please share where you got it from

    • Danni Robinson

      Hi Gemma! I like the look of no. 8 but is out of my price range, where Aussie company did you get it from? Thanks!

  • Docious

    Oh my goodness I am a recovering “journal junkie” I just cleared out my half written in journals and still have the “too-pretty-to-write-in” ones. If I saw #1 in a store I would totally buy it! Hell I’d probably buy any of them, they are all so pretty! ^_^

  • Polly

    I lived in the UK for 4 years and really miss Paperchase. Their stuff is inexpensive and fun … and has lots of owls!

  • Kath

    I am a HUGE Kikki K fan. I have their 2014 sweet weekly diary.

  • Serena Faber Nelson

    Why I just bought the Kikki K 2014 Diary in Mint last week – you’ve got great taste Chantelle! ;) x

  • Emma Sparrow

    I really want the 2nd one. It is just really out of my price range at the moment :( I am so living a budget lifestyle at the moment :(

  • Ange MissHijabi

    Haha love the last one!

  • Aly

    Hello Chantelle – just checked out the diaries, but most of the pages “could not be found” – any chance you could check the links?
    I’m using one by Brepols that I got from Notemaker and it’s exactly the layout I love, but the lines are very close and it’s so DULL looking! The Te Neues Cool Diary is better looking, but so much more pricey!