Something to look forward to…


There’s a saying that people say {because it’s a saying, right?} and it goes a little something like this: Each day we should have something to look forward to.

I’d never really thought about it until a couple of weeks ago when I read it again on Mrs. Woog’s Facebook page, and the next day I found my something. I was putting Luella to sleep which seems to take about an hour or more, and I was flicking through the TV and on one of those TV channels that I always forget exist, I found Friends.

An hour of Friends episodes {that’s two for those playing at home}. It’s my daily bliss. There are other things, of course… the little giggles {Luella laughed at me for the first time yesterday}, the sweet things Lacey says, time with the husband and so on… but those are little bonuses in life. Little surprises that may or may not happen. Each night I know I can pop on my PJs, jump into bed and laugh at Friends while I feed Luella to sleep.

It’s my something to look forward to.

Do you look forward to something each day? Is it the moment you take off your heels after a day at work? Or eating a sweet dessert after dinner? Or your morning run? What is it?

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  • Kate

    I always look forward to my 6.30am coffee. When everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet, sun is coming up, peaceful and calm. I love it. It’s my sanity saver. Kate x

  • Stefanie O’Shea

    I look forward to that first moment when we all get home at the end of the day and collapse onto the floor to play and snuggle and chat about the day. Best ritual with my two year old and husband ever.

  • Barbs LeCupcake

    i look forward to my grey’s anatomy episode before dinner. they’re airing all the past seasons and i am wondering why did i stop watching it in the first place! ahah

  • Fashionista

    Mr18 and Miss15 are huge Friends fans which makes me giggle. Luckily it seems to be on constant repeat on some channel or other.

    I look forward to Friday nights – everyone is home, homemade pizza and a glass of wine and The Living Room on channel 7 (maybe??)

  • Caitlyn

    I cherish the evening runs I go on with my husband. No distractions. Just each other. Talking. And dying from the running together.

  • Felicity

    Watching Friends is my biggest pick me up ever! :D

  • Elita Hooper

    when I jump in to bed and watch my downloaded tv shows that we don’t get here….Reign, Beauty and the Beast love them.

  • Grace Hung

    I look forward to reaching home after a long day’s work, have dinner, and then either watch a movie or read a book. :)

  • Nicole Jackson

    Getting up at 6.30am to exercise every weekday. It’s just so nice to have that 30mins to myself and I’m lucky to have a wonderful husband who gets up to our 2 year old son (who is an early riser) so I can have that time. It’s nice knowing that for the rest of the day I have had some exercise me time :)

  • Jamie

    I LOVE friends! I’ve gotten so addicted to it in recent years that I watch it on my lunch hour at work and now my friends watch with me. I think we’ve seen all the reruns at least 3 times

    • Roni Faida

      Me and my friends will be talking and one of us will say something from Friends that fits the situation and we will laugh so hard! That show is the best.

  • Roni Faida

    My glass of red wine. It’s such a treat to drink it when I get home. And I knew there was a reason I liked your blog, I have every season of Friends on DVD, it’s one of my favorite shows.

  • Maxabella

    It’s a must isn’t it. A little joyful something to look forward to. x

  • adailydoseofamber

    I look forward to coming home to my little pup after a long day of school and work!
    Nothing like her little wag of the tail to greet met :]

  • Cara McKee

    After the kids are in bed, laundry done, kitchen tidied, lunches packed and all made ready, I pour a glass of wine and sit down to do something I want to do. Tonight it was blogging about first besties and favourite books over at