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Little Moments App: Make your photos fancy & play Photo A Day super-easily

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Want to make your photos fancy, and make playing photo a day SUPER easy?

You can now grab the App here!

Let me tell you how Little Moments App works.

It’s called Little Moments because I love the idea of capturing the smaller things in life {as well as the big ones} and through photo a day I’ve done that. With taking a daily photo I’ve managed to capture such ordinary, beautiful moments that would have otherwise passed me by. So Little Moments seemed fitting.

Little Moments has two purposes. It can make your photos all fancy, plus it’s the perfect companion for FMS Photo A Day players. I wanted it to be useful whether you played photo a day or not. Let me show you how it works. First, the photo a day side of it.



♥ From the home screen you can see each prompt easily, and scroll forward to see tomorrows prompt, or scroll back to see the day before
♥ You can click through to see the graphic of the list, as well as descriptions for each prompt so it’s easier to get inspired
♥ You’ll be able to find the new list the moment it’s released, so you can ready and excited for the month ahead


♥ You can turn daily reminders on so that the App knows you’re playing photo a day. It will send a little reminder to you each day {at a time you choose} so you know what the daily prompt is
♥ And when you go to publish your photo, it will automatically create the caption for you so you don’t have to remember a thing {and if you don’t like that, just erase it. No problemo!}

♥ You’ll be able to find all the Fab Four photos from Instagram in one easy spot. You can click through to visit the profile of those photo-takers featured


♥ Take a photo or choose one from your camera roll
♥ Crop it. If you choose 3:4 or 4:3 and then publish to Instagram it will automatically add the white border for you {try it!}
♥ Adjust it! You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation
♥ Add some text to your photo. We’ve got a bunch of really cool fonts for you to choose from

♥ Add a filter! Super talented photographers have created filters for the App. You can adjust the strength of the filter to make it perfect for your picture.

♥ There are some really cool artists and designers who have contributed to the App as well. You can choose from quotes they created and designs too. I even had a go at creating my own for the App.

♥ There are loads and loads of quotes and designs to pick from. There are also extra packs to purchase if you want to try other designs.

♥ And a little something extra; We’ve teamed with Casetify to have that inside the App so you create an iPhone cover quickly and easy for your piece of art. We’ve also had some custom cases designed for those that play Photo A Day. I’ve been asked to create something so Photo-A-Dayers can recognise each other in the street, when they’re out and about snapping photos. These cases will do the trick!

And that’s it! There’s other little bits and pieces you’ll find as you explore the App. It’ll be available for US$1.99 in the App Store/AU$2.49.

If you’re a blogger and you review the App, I’d love to know so I can share the review.
If you have any feedback once you’ve tried the App, I’d love to hear about it. Just email me at
And, if you’re an artist, designer, or photographer and you’d like to be included in the App in future updates, please get in touch. Email me at

A huge thank you to the talented Stuart Watson for being my partner in this App. Has been such a pleasure creating this with him!

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